A week is a long time in Scottish Football

It’s been one of those weeks when you are left so surprised by what has went on that you actually aren’t surprised at all. Just when you thought the SPFL couldn’t get much more shambolic they contrive to show you just how naive you are. What is also even worse is the compliant Scottish media who refuse to report what is going on and are already using headlines telling us all to move on. From lies and propaganda of 85% votes and now lies of £9m their narrative couldn’t be clearer.

It should come as absolutely no surprise that Rangers now remain the only voice in Scottish football prepared to fight this situation. With other clubs unable to bring a legal challenge or simply bribed by the promise of league reconstruction to keep their silence. Nothing more evident than Ann Budge being made head of league reconstruction which will magically bring survival for her Hearts side. Nothing more evident than Dundee suddenly denying they voted no despite that information being confirmed and widely available on social media.

That’s the situation our club face and our fault in all this remains we simply wanted to offer another option that could allow time to sort out everything else. I think that’s absolutely key here in everything that has been twisted to understand that’s all our club has asked for. I repeat myself from my previous blog but there is no question of us demanding a ‘null & void’ solution nor have we tried to block any funding for Scottish football.

We simply asked that time was taken to consider another resolution that would allow money to be sent to clubs and then discuss every option available given the time we actually have to do as such. The fact that the SPFL put every obstruction in our way before finally objecting the resolution on One word in a sentence, speaks volumes for what has went on. Make no mistake, that was checked by various lawyers and even Ann Budge commented that she struggled to understand it’s rejection (her stance prior to magically become the head of reconstruction you understand)

There was never any chance of our resolution being considered, the fact the club found out the information by a Championship chairman again shows you the level of contempt we are held.

Make no mistake the SPFL is littered with those that hate us. From MacLennan and his ‘private eye’ exclusive to the alleged shout of a certain Rod McKenzie ‘You bastards have been cheating us for years’.

That’s where this bit is important. The club are aware of this, the supporters feelings and are actively seeking answers to that behaviour from those individuals. Why bother? Well challenging everything paints a picture of behaviour towards this club that is hugely evident.

This is the same SPFL who want evidence, we hold and the club are defiant that we do hold this, to investigate itself and to ensure proper action is taken. Similar really to a criminal being in court and told to be judge on his own verdict. It’s absolutely ridiculous and Rangers are completely right to refuse that until an independent investigation is granted.

Rangers update to the support yesterday should not be mistaken for a statement. This is where we need to realise that this is a battle not a ten minute fight. The key points of that update where

* The club again call for the suspension of Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie

* The club remain in discussion and are considering all legal options

* An independent investigation is required immediately

This is the club telling the support that they are intent on taking this as far as they can.

Yes we all would have loved the club to show the evidence they have in some massive take down to the SPFL but ask yourself this, What actual difference would that make?

The only way this can be governed properly is by an independent investigation which is nothing to do with the rotten core of the SPFL. Releasing the evidence would quickly be spun and ignored by the SPFL if we showed our hand now. You have already seen how the media have moved on, literally two days later, so there would be no point in doing it now.

This is a process Rangers have started with intention to see through.

It’s clear from the evidence that has come out that the SPFL have contrived to bully, coerce and force this resolution through at the expense of the clubs wishes, simply bribing them with the threat of no money unless accepted. Phone calls from the championship delegate Ross McArthur threatening clubs has already been leaked out via whatsapp and is further evidence of the levels of scandal we are dealing with

Douglas Park and this Rangers board remain focused on seeing this through and defending the support.

The key points for supporters to be aware of is

The board has shown that they are going to challenge the culture within the SPFL. We are fully committed to doing that.

This won’t be achieved overnight. If you reread club statements in the last week, they are coordinated and part of an ongoing front foot strategy

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Look at our social media, we are on the front foot in a coordinated way

The board should be held to account and they should be able to take criticism but there needs to be trust in Douglas Park and his team. This is a man who is extremely successful in business and also has invested heavily in this club through his love for us only. He wouldn’t shoot from an empty gun

Look at how our approach has garnered support in the media, even from those that spend their time criticising us at every turn. Even in their eyes we have appeared fair, balanced and rational.

But there is a long way to go and we can’t rely in any teams but that won’t stop us

This board are adamant and remain defiant, the days of this club being walked over are well and truly over

Finally, this weeks Gersnet 4lads podcast with the superb Michael Ball is now live on all platforms. Michael tells his Rangers story, from injuries to how Rangers saved his career. He also talks about Steven Gerrard and how he is adamant he will succeed at our club. Not to be missed


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