A look back as Hagi arrives and Rangers return now in sight

Ianis Hagi has become a Rangers player in a fantastic deal worth around £3m. Ianis has shown glimpses of promise that we can all be excited about. What is clear is that the club have to harness that properly but that is for our management to ensure.

It’s a deal that is clearly an outstanding piece of business and again highlights the early promise of Ross Wilson. Ianis is highly sought after in Europe and to negotiate a deal of this magnitude, at that value, is huge for the club.

I’m excited that we have got such a good deal, Rangers won’t lose money on it. Infact I can see us doubling our investment at a minimum.

Personally, from a footballing perspective, I’d like to see Hagi become the ‘jewel’ in our crown and the whole team based around him to play to his strengths, for that to happen I believe that it requires him to be played centrally almost with a free role. He has an ability to play that pass and with Kent one side and the right balance on the other I feel we have an exciting three in attack behind the front man, if we choose to go that way.

It’s also worth considering that Ianis has never played with a fully ‘focused’ and in tune Alfredo Morelos. If Alfredo remains and that partnership is allowed to flourish it could ‘bear’ fruit for the club.

For now we can be delighted at the deal and also a sense of excitement around it. Ianis Hagi is a top prospect and much sought after in European football. It’s up to him to now harness his potential and it’s up to Rangers to ensure that happens.

I’m excited to watch his progress in our jersey

After the commercial deal revealed few weeks ago with Castore, Rangers are ready for more sponsorship income. The club have several imminent initiatives that will bring in new funds, of which will be become apparent in the coming weeks and months. This will bring in revenue and again underlines the astute commercial job that James Bisgrove is doing.

With season ticket sales around half way and myGers sales now at 12,000 it is fair to say that income is now beginning to come in at the club. Season ticket sales are at a healthy level, according to the club, and with a month left until deadline thousands will add to that number.

Back to the players and they will return to pre-season around June 15th. Players will attend the training centre in small groups and begin pre season in separate groups until safe to expand that.

Some local players have been attending the training centre individually to do double sessions and build up their fitness.

The daunting prospect is Rangers don’t seem to be able to play any friendlies and our first match back will be a trip to Germany to play Leverkusen in leg two of the Europa league. A team who of course have been back in action competitively for many weeks and will be months by time we meet. (Stewart Robertson’s club address seems to have allayed these fears)

Rangers will have a vastly different squad and head into that in pre-season for another season whilst still being in Europe from the one before. Crazy when you think about it and lack of help from our governing body has been extremely evident.

We could exit Europe and be in qualifying for this season just weeks apart. Of course our European licence has been granted after our interim accounts were submitted to the SFA weeks ago, talk of issues surrounding that was the usual poorly speculated nonsense.


What has been great is being able to discuss football once again and speculate on signings. The usual names of Shinnie, Allan or Ivan Toney and others even as far out there as Stuart Armstrong are back in forums as we wait for news. Of course other extravagant links are also present and it almost feels like business as usual.

Rumours, speculation and excitement.

St Mirren GK Vaclav Hladky is being heavily linked whilst Rangers seem prepared to offer Robbie McCrorie a new deal and send him out on loan for further experience. That would make sense and give Rangers that cover heading into the new season.

What is also positive is it seems we aren’t standing still despite the global situation that surrounds us, new faces will arrive and it seems some will leave to ensure we are ready for next season.

But we have to be ready, there will be no more excuses and this management have to ensure silverware returns to Rangers. They have had many windows now, they have had that time and it’s now up to them to deliver.

It is also a vastly different football club now. Leaks are few and far between, the club are operating more carefully and even in this blog speculation has been curtailed to ensure nothing is given away. When there is news the club will tell all the support on their social media and we will discuss it, until then anything you read anywhere is rumour and speculation.


It has become more evident, even in the last week, that our club will not be allowed to continue without negativity and balance being added to any media story. As Rangers sealed the deal for one of Europe’s top prospects the focus is on mis reporting on prices, focus on deal structure and scrutiny on how we are going to pay is absolutely tiresome.

Instead of highlighting what a deal this is for the club the negativity is unreal. It doesn’t help either when ex pro’s use the platforms that revel in that negativity to spout their views.

When we announced the Castore deal there was minimal positivity and yet more negative scrutiny. Here we have the same with Hagi. Even at the weekend we have had mis reporting and negative spin on our club. The media have been told there was no attempted deal for Charlie Allen yet still they push the agenda that we missed out on him.

It looks almost deliberate to spread a negative spin.

Last week I was forced to crush a negative story on Florian Kamberi before it even came out. It seems a constant daily battle against the media as we strive for fairness. The less said about the horror show from the online desk of the Sunday Mail and Record the better. Pulled within hours is a new low even for them, their choice of ‘expert opinion’ a laughable eye opener.

It’s tiresome, there is no balance and it seems a constant negative spin. I didn’t want this blog to focus on battling that but when you see the release of transcripts from Club1872’s battle with the Daily Record you can’t help but feel angered.

Recently I sat down with Tom Beahon of Castore and got answers on a Castore fanzone, new strip colours and the financial details of our deal. Proper answers that our support want and crave.

That’s something that the MSM don’t seem to be able to provide our support, yet they bitch and moan they don’t get access to Hagi upon his announcement?

I don’t ask for propaganda or positivity, I’d just like some balanced reporting. Furthermore I will highlight instances where the coverage is wrong and I will stand up for the club, whether that’s apparent premiership ‘footballers’ or tabloid lies. The days of a free for all on our club and support has to be challenged.

Finally it seems the SPFL is set for another restructuring farce as Hearts resolution on reconstruction seems doomed for failure. It’s went silent from Rangers in that regard and it’s not unfair to wonder exactly what the club’s next steps will be.

I often get asked why I don’t ask questions or push the club to find out what’s going on. Well it’s the opposite but I know as much as you and the club aren’t going to tell a ‘blogger’ even when asked. Rangers have changed how they are doing things and when it comes to important battles like this it shouldn’t come from fan media.

It will come from the club. On their official channels and that is something which has been made abundantly clear.

That’s how it should be.

We wait for Rangers next move, we were told ‘we would not be left wanting’ so it’s fair to assume that our club are simply biding our time to consider our position.

We get it also, it was always going to be a marathon, not a sprint. Except in this marathon we won’t get any results three quarters of the way through.

The support is owed an explanation as to the next moves of the club. They armed us for battle, ‘we will not be bullied into silence’. The support was prepared to stand with them, they made promises and emotive statements that galvanised us all.

In the eyes of the support a lot of credentials are on the line inside Ibrox. Letting this slip away meekly isn’t an option for a support you asked to stand with you.

We watch with interest in both the SPFL and Rangers next moves.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise