Scottish football facing financial liabilities? Can’t say you weren’t warned

As Scottish football media now scramble and report the staggering scenario that Scottish football faces, it will come as absolutely no surprise to Rangers fans anywhere.

The dossier which Rangers released warned of this very scenario. It brought ridicule and was disregarded by everyone. Instantly dismissed with a pre planned SPFL statement deriding its content, journalists and pundits were falling over themselves to have digs at our club.

Rangers bring a water pistol to a gun fight‘ and we were ridiculed roundly and gleefully by some.

Rangers warned that the league could face millions of pounds in liabilities that teams were not made aware of before they were pushed into voting.

Rangers were ignored.

Look at where we are now as Scottish football faces court cases, millions of pounds worth of debt and teams scrambling to survive. Pending court action could now have serious repercussions for potential league restart dates and ultimately the nightmare scenario of our teams European entry.

Covid-19 was, and is, unprecedented times for everyone but all around Europe countries worked for the benefit of everyone and took their time to find solutions. Indeed all around Europe leagues are restarting and champions are rightfully being crowned.

In scotland our governing body was trying to crown champions in April. Think about that for a minute.

Teams have been wrongfully relegated and will face unprecedented challenges throughout the leagues. Cuts and realities are beginning to bite for many. Scottish football has championed ‘Sporting integrity’ but it turns out that only applies when it suits.

We were told leagues had to be called in order for prize money to be handed out. We were told that leagues couldn’t restart and there was no time. Neil Doncaster told everyone there was no need to tell clubs about the potential liabilities because they didn’t exist.

The truth was that Rangers ‘dossier’ was absolutely spot on and it was dismissed because it was Rangers that brought it forward.

So whilst Journalists and pundits begin the inevitable backtracking no one can accuse Rangers of not warning them what was coming. Expect calls for independent enquiries to begin to come to the fore and the groundswell of negativity to grow towards those in power at the SPFL.

Rangers even offered to foot the bill for that independent enquiry remember.

So what now for Scottish football? Liabilities, court cases and teams facing disaster. If you were trying to be completely neutral you could understand some saying Rangers statements didn’t help but to me that is a poorly thought out rebuttal of the serious nature of what we were trying to warn people of.

Why didn’t Scottish football take its time, wait for leagues to restart, work with television companies and more importantly work with their member clubs to examine every possibility?

I asked it the very first time I blogged about this, why the rush?

Well to that you can draw your own conclusions but no one can say you weren’t warned about the scenarios of such actions. Arguably no one can accuse Rangers of being anything other than spot on about everything they warned and feared may happen.

In terms of our own board even I have asked questions on our strategy but perhaps it is fair to say that they simply saw this coming exactly as they predicted. I still think we have more to do on this but perhaps now Rangers will speak again, maybe as other teams carry it on we don’t have to, we will wait and see.

You can argue whatever way you want that somehow Rangers are to blame or how we handled this was wrong, but the facts are undeniable. The outcome we warned about and were derided for is now staring Scottish football in the face.

Scottish football is broken, facing unprecedented legal and financial challenges.

Rangers asked to take our time and explore all avenues. Rangers asked we finish the season on the football pitch. All Rangers tried to do was explore every avenue possible to make sure scenarios like this one were avoided.

The only reason it was derided so much is it was Rangers who brought it forward.

You reap what you sow and we tried to warn you

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise