A round up of all things Rangers and I ask, where is James Bisgrove?

I gave Steven Gerrard quite a bit of stick after the disappointing draw at Livingston and in my mind it was deserved. That frustration is one we have shared for various years in similar results throughout the managers time at the club.

So when Kilmarnock came to Ibrox on Saturday I was pleased at the changes to the line up and with the intent it sent in selection. Now I do not think and I am not egotistical to think it was because of the criticism or the fact changes were called for from various places including this blog, but it was more to do with the fact if it didn’t work I couldn’t complain.

As it stood Rangers played very well, scored two very good goals and created many more opportunities. Another clean sheet to equal a long standing club record and more importantly not a lot of clear opportunities given away again. The changes directly contributed to the outcome and that’s on the management, they deserve the credit for doing as such.

We should have been two up at half time but I was more enthused by our showing even if it was still level. We played with more intent, had more shots and we were more direct. Kent and Helander should have taken their chances, good goalkeeping stopped our other efforts which included a great Kent try.

The second half we were more dominant and used the ball well to score our goals. Kemar Roofe will do well in this side as will Cedric Itten, both require time but create chances and they will take them. You can already see in their dynamic that their movement is good and the way Roofe moved to score should give us all cause to be optimistic. Even the performance of Brandon Barker shows he could be useful if he begins to settle and trust his own ability.

But this was a game that has saw us unstuck so absolute credit to the management for that, if I can be critical then I should be positive also so no issues in offering that to them.

We will have tougher games, those away days to Hibs, Killie etc are where we must pick up the wins and then we hope everything else will come together. We have to be ruthless and dominate these encounters. That means wins like Saturday will be vital and there is no margin for error.

So on to Saturday at a tricky ground because of the plastic pitch. We have to ensure maximum points and keep winning our games. If the team play with similar intent that they did show against Kilmarnock then we should be fine and again another weeks training should benefit the players as we look to iron out any small issues our players may have.

It’s obviously easier to be happier after victory but I will praise the team for the response and I hope that kicks us on going forward.

Since I last blogged Ross McCrorie and Greg Docherty have left to join Aberdeen and Hull respectively. Two good moves all round as neither players had futures at the club under the manager so it is best for all they move on.

Greg is a true Ranger, someone I have a lot of time for. When my own Mum passed two years ago he learned of my step fathers love for Hamilton Accies and sent a letter of condolence and a signed Hamilton top to him. Nothing could ever help him through that period but that gesture showed the standing of someone I rate very highly as a person and a footballer. I look forward to watching him smash it down south and wish him all the very best.

The on going scenario surrounding Alfredo Morelos hasn’t changed much however. He hasn’t asked for a transfer or demand a move nor has he played destruction derby in the club car park. I do expect him to move on, I’d expect movement on that imminently purely judging on the reports that Lille remain interested.

It’s a catch 22 for Rangers in that he can be our best player but seems to mentally have left a long time ago. If he goes and it’s right for our club then I hold Alfredo no ill wishes. He never hid his intentions and football is what it is these days. We will move on pretty quickly and if that money helps us recruit more players then so be it.

Talking about incoming players, well there isn’t much to say at all. It is very quiet and there isn’t even much speculation to chat about.

Personally I think if Alfredo goes and we can strengthen the midfield and add another forward we will be almost ready. The dream scenario would see us add a right sided forward winger type but I trust the management to know what they are doing.

Plenty of business still to be done in my opinion but credit to the club and Ross Wilson for the professional job he is doing.

Ibrox is no longer the echo chamber of noise it once was.

Finally, it’s never nice to highlight a negative and disappointingly lately people have felt I have been too harsh on the club at times. It’s an easy leap to think my ‘knives’ are out but you should all be aware of how much I love this club and crave the success we so richly deserve.

However that doesn’t stop me asking questions and the recent Castore issues have not been good enough. There is no need to highlight all that again but I do have to ask where James Bisgrove is and why the silence from the club?

James Bisgrove was not short of webinars or interviews when launching this deal during the summer and he is never short of a word if a new partnership is being announced.

I feel that the clubs recent commercial deal with Reach Ltd and the ongoing Castore situation requires guidance from our commercial and marketing director.

This isn’t a criticism either, everyone is aware of the good job James Bisgrove has done but I feel it is easy to be front and centre when everything is going well but it takes a true leader to speak when things may not be so popular.

I would like to hear from him regarding Reach, why there has been no communication with Club 1872 over this decision which directly contradicts the stance of one of our biggest shareholders and fans organisation.

I would also like guidance from him regarding recent Castore issues and what the club are doing to ensure these things don’t happen again and what the club stance will be should it not be resolved. I’d also like to ask why club 1872 statement told us the club had yet to communicate with them on that matter also.

As I said this isn’t a dig or an attempt to have a go but merely ask for that transparency this board promised us all those years ago.

Rangers fans have done everything we have been asked, renewed our season tickets, bought merchandise in bulk, bought into the MyGers scheme and refused refunds etc etc

As the club1872 statement said, our loyalty should not be taken for granted so when things aren’t going smoothly then the club should be as forthcoming as when it is going well.

This isn’t the Murray era when fans were treated as customers and we will ‘do as we are told’, as we were often told under that tenure.

It is absolutely fine to ask questions, speculate and enjoy supporting the team.

This is our club after all

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵