Rangers and Castore, we are waiting

Today’s statement from Club 1872 rung alarm bells and immediately had me concerned.

Those that haven’t seen it can find it here https://club1872.co.uk/news/castore-update-8th-september-2020/

The news that Castore are refusing to answer any questions and ignoring club 1872 is concerning, the news that the club are doing it is even more troubling.

You can have any opinion on club 1872 that you like, but they are the fifth biggest shareholders in the club and a representative of the 7000 strong membership.

To ignore them is not a good look for Castore or anyone at our football club.

This is a situation that appears to bring back horrible memories of the 90s era when the club, under the stewardship of Murray, would operate a sit down, shut up and do as your told policy.

The lack of stewardship from James Bisgrove, on the Castore issues, is actually now bordering on complete incompetence from those within Ibrox. That’s before we even ask where Stewart Robertson is?

That won’t make me popular for saying so but this situation doesn’t look good for anyone.

James Bisgrove was everywhere when this was launched, from webinars to interviews and the silence since is telling. Much like Castore who simply refuse to engage with anyone anymore.

A focus group with ten people simply won’t satisfy anyone, no matter if it is a small positive (tomorrow night’s Castore focus group)

No one needs a focus group to ask for transparency surely?

Rangers asked the fans to invest in the club with season tickets and retail, not to take a refund unless necessary and the fans stepped up.

This is not a situation you can just ignore and hope goes away, you are treating the fans with utter contempt and it is not acceptable.

Not one Rangers fan wants this to fail, everyone of us wants to galvanise behind the club and retail deal (and any other ventures) but this is driving a wedge because it simply seems like the only thing Rangers care about is money.

You can’t continue to treat the support with such contempt because no matter how you dress it up this is now how it looks.

Talk to us.

Address the issues, tell us what is going on and deliver the transparency that you promised.

That also starts with properly addressing our major shareholder Club 1872. They were good enough to be there to buy out Mike Ashley and support the club, they are more than good enough to involve them in the running of the club now.

We will follow you if you deliver that, every supporter is desperate to throw theirselves behind the club, the last few months tell us that.

Our fanbase has been there for our club throughout a global pandemic, we have stepped up above and beyond. We ALL want to support this and we ALL want to believe in this club, James Bisgrove, Castore, but this situation can not be ignored.

Club 1872 represent their fanbase, season ticket holders have concerns, customers of Castore want answers.

You simply can’t ignore this.

We, the support, stepped up when we were asked, above and beyond, where’s the transparency you promised?

Rangers and Castore, we are waiting

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵