Zungu arrives, Wilshere speculation and season intensity builds for Rangers

Bongani Zungu could be the difference between success and failure this season. It’s a big pressure to label on a player and perhaps even a bold statement, but it’s not so much the individual player but more the area he plays in.

Our midfield has needed an injection of quality for a long time, something to help the talents of Kamara, Davis, Jack and co. It’s often been a frustration and concern of mine that our midfield has been a bit similar, I’d point to Hibs away and even Ross County when Jack and Kamara refused to take a shot when in good positions to do so.

That’s why I mention if Zungu is the player we hope he is then he may just open up a dimension we have missed before.

The persuit of Zungu has been a prolonged one and I had blogged about the speculation before, he’s clearly someone highly rated by all at Ibrox for the pursuit to last so long. This is where credit to the management is due because the speculation last time was of a high millions deal and for whatever reason that did not progress. He has arrived on loan and we can have a chance to look at him over a period of time with an agreement in place to buy him should we like what we see. That’s a deal that suits everyone.

Ross Wilson has negotiated well for Rangers since he arrived and being prepared to wait for this deal shows this again in my opinion.

Those who are a fan of Zungu will tell you that he is strong on the ball, an eye for a forward pass and a drive from the centre we have perhaps been missing. In several games this season we have seen opportunities for that to be exploited so it comes back to the original opening point that IF Zungu brings that to the table he could be the difference maker.

The positive thing is we now have six midfielders who must all perform to keep their position, the strength in depth is now evident, that in itself is a positive when those previously underperforming may have went without consequence purely due to numbers.

That would be a question I would like to ask Steven Gerrard. When he first came he said this was a project and several ‘windows’ were needed, my question would then be how do you see the team placed now?

It’s been a good window on paper for Rangers and whilst the exciting speculation of Jack Wilshere continues it is one that divides opinion. He does have an injury history, there is questions over his desire and his mental strength to perform at the top level. That’s all natural questions but what is also undeniable is that when this boy is fit he does have all the attributes to be a top player.

Rangers can provide the platform for someone like Wilshere so it may all come back to whether he has the desire.

So that’s the question, are Rangers really interested? That’s the question because Rangers no longer discuss their transfer intentions with anyone. The club are extremely smooth in operations now. Not even those closest to things get an answer now!

That’s the way it should be of course and brings exciting news when signings are announced out of the blue like we have seen this season.

There hasn’t been an outright denial of Wilshere yet to the press and personally IF the opportunity was there I’d welcome it. Days ago I would have angrily denied it and said it would be crazy, but I am fickle and get excited about new players as much as any!

That’s the exciting thing that Gerrard has brought, guys like Wilshere are no longer out of our reach and his presence becomes appealing for all. If it doesn’t happen then at least it is no longer the pipe dream it once once, these things are now a realistic possibility and that is at least a positive for me.

It’s all speculation for the moment but Wilshere, Hagi, Roofe and Defoe are names no longer a dream for the support and that is exciting for everyone.

Moving on the club faces the prospect of a trip to our neighbours next weekend. There is no longer that ‘fear factor’ and whilst they must be respected I have no doubts we are capable of getting a result.

If we perform as well as we can then we will be a match for anyone in our Europa group and anyone domestically. Don’t forget that this team has coped well without top players and whilst they have threatened to hit top form, in patches, we have yet to really hit our stride.

That consistency is vital but there is a difference this season to that of others. The form of Kent and Aribo, the strength in defence, the depth of the squad, the change in strategy which means we are no longer reliant on one player. That has all made us stronger.

These are huge ‘variables’ that are all positive for me. Make no mistake I still believe we have to prove we are capable consistently but the difference is we now have more in our armour to do so.

We have it all to prove but we are better placed to do it for me now.

So it’s onwards for Rangers and we head into the upcoming fixtures with confidence.

The club are in a good place, commercially it is positive and the club are continuing to progress off it with the development of Ibrox and surrounding areas. Sure we face the same challenges that all clubs do in this day and age but everyone seems to be pulling in the right direction.

The squad is strong and we have depth we require in the coming weeks. Hopefully everyone returns fit and healthy from the international break.

I’m positive this club is about to really kick on and hit top form, as I have said before, the time to do it really is now

We can do, so let’s do it!

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise