King and Dickson’s debut was more than a debut, it was another sign of our recovery

For years our support has been battered and faced torment at every corner we dared to look around. Whether it was the work place or on social media, ridicule was never far from our daily lives. We took it in an abundance whilst being reminded daily that our club was in the absolute gutter.

Our support galvanised and they fought back best we could. I don’t care what anyone says but our fans couldn’t stop the events our club went through. There is lots I could say that would only take me into trouble, but the truth is we all know what happened to our club.

When we went to the very bottom we followed the club everywhere and we stood by the club when the easiest decision would have been to throw the toys out the pram.

Indeed, no one would have been surprised if our fans had went beyond the realms of acceptable behaviour given everything we have had to watch happen to it. I stood at that ground and watched us lose a league and be thrashed in a game 5-0 yet, like many defiant others, stayed to the end to be with my team. Amongst the lowest of low moments of which there were so many.

If you can’t be with your team when it really needs you, then do you really deserve to be with it when it begins to do us proud?

Every single Rangers supporter can be proud of this club and this team. We can be proud of ourselves. We are the lifeblood of this fabulous institution that we all love.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t allowed. Every one of us has endured and stayed positive wherever we could, doesn’t matter if at games or on social media, we have seen it through.

Fast forward that painful ten years and here we stand with a team to be proud of, a boardroom that has understood our dream and as supporters themselves driven it on our behalf.

Yes Rangers are progressing quite nicely.

We are looking quite impressive and we are holding our own against some top European clubs. This Thursday we are a result away from qualification beyond Christmas and such is our progression it is almost expected.

Yesterday we won a tricky cup tie and in second gear, but it was another hugely significant moment which shouldn’t be passed without comment.

Bringing on a sixteen and eighteen year old was a huge moment. That is not only significant because both looked proper prospects, but because it’s another shoot of recovery this club finds itself growing as we strive to return to where we belong.

Make no mistake our club was savaged by people with no interest.

Yesterday two of our own represented huge strides in our clubs recovery.

Leon King won’t even be old enough to remember where this club really ought to be, but his debut yesterday represented huge strides in our recovery.

That recovery has to lead to silverware because that is the levels of this club. That is our be all and end all.

Rangers are winners and nothing else is acceptable.

So whilst everything is going well and the team deserve every single plaudit offered its way, now is the time to kick on more than ever.

Leagues aren’t won by Christmas but foot down and power on might just take us that good bit closer.

Yesterday was a hugely significant moment for our club, two youngsters coming through and leading the way was magnificent to see.

In terms of our recovery it represents another stage. It shouldn’t be overlooked. We are back producing our own and giving them their debuts.

A conveyor belt, once broken, has now been fixed.

The next step for this club is silverware. One game at a time and that time is now.

Well done to Leon and Ciaran, yesterday’s debuts represented more than you will ever know.

We won’t truly be back until we deliver what we are all craving, but we are certainly on our way.

Keep going Rangers

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵