Borna underlines what we already know – we are witnessing something special

When Steven Gerrard and his management team rode into Glasgow, almost three years ago, they inherited a team low on quality and shipping goals like they were going out of fashion.

Low on confidence and low on spirits, we all had enough of being the embarrassment of the weekly fixtures.

The task was simple for them, return us to our previous glory but do it from scratch. It was never going to be easy. We were told it would take several transfer windows and sure there has been some sticky patches along the way, but what we are now seeing is something special and to be enjoyed.

This is a quality team. In fact I’d go as far to say that, in my thirty seven years, it is producing as enjoyable football that I have ever witnessed.

This side are now regularly blowing European sides out the water from Belgium, Holland and Turkey whilst matching the best from top leagues also.

Quietly terrified?

Sure we have to take the next step which is tightening up and staying compact in that arena, we have lost some poor goals. But we have also scored some absolute beauties and the strides taken have been unparalleled.

In our own Nine in a row side we did not show this level of consistency in Europe. Only Dick Advocaat comes close in terms of stature of results, matched by Walters European final side of 2008.

The stats for this team are absolutely unbelievable. Unbeaten in eleven European games and unbeaten in thirty league matches so far.

It’s a fantastic effort and the management deserve every credit because what they have done has been nothing short of incredible.

But it was Borna Barisic who underlined exactly what Rangers is all about post match last night.

When he was asked about why he didn’t take our second penalty he simply said;

‘Cedric asked me if he could take it, he is a striker and needs the confidence. It’s a team game and I choose my team’

Of course this is paraphrased but the message remains the same.

This is a team.

Our team.

This management and these players have given us something to be proud of. When this blog started I tried to reassure everyone that better times were on the way and at times it was hard.

Well they are here and let’s enjoy them.

We have a fantastic team, a brilliant management and a club run by people prepared to fund this club through sheer love.

Why shouldn’t we be happy? I have waited for this moment for so long and I’m certainly going to enjoy this team and every single moment of it.

Two league games to focus on and take us to the absolute brink of championship glory. This is the one we have all waited on. 55 will be beautiful.

It’s coming home and whilst in Europe we can enjoy the ride. Whoever we get it doesn’t matter, we will give anyone a game.

What is for sure not many will confidently say they want Rangers.

Be proud of this team, it’s something special.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵