March is here and the title is in sight, just as Rangers hit top form

Rangers tweet today somewhat wet the appetite for what is ahead of us this month. Three league games to get the seven points required to confirm our status as champions. Two huge Europa league ties with Slavia Prague with qualification to the Quarterfinals at stake.

The month of all months.

I don’t know about anyone else but seeing it all there in black and white is hugely exciting for the club. We have five massive games and we are literally right on the brink of glory. We have all waited a very long time for this.

But the signs are very good. Thirteen goals in three games and individual performances which suggest we are hitting our peak just at the right time. At the same time, five conceded in that three games is most unlike us and something we have to ensure doesn’t become the norm.

Yes defensively we have been a bit fragile but that is to be expected as we go deeper into Europe because the quality is much better. Prague is no given and they have had some good results but we are now in a position to be comfortable enough to know we can and will hold our own in such a tie.

Injury wise we need to also hope Jack, Roofe and Tavernier come back as soon as possible because we need all the quality we can going forward. Despite all the talk of how we have been injury free etc blah blah, it’s actually far from it.

The return of those three is pivotal to our chances or would severely enhance them.

Alfredo Morelos has burst into life with a fantastic three games and this is the sort of form we all knew he was capable of. I wrote earlier in this season that this was still his team and he was still the main man in it. Perhaps that was hugely unfair on the McGregor’s, Davis, Goldson’s of the team.

What it probably should have said and what I was trying to get at is, when Alfredo is in the mood, he can propel this teams attack to levels it can’t reach when he is not on that form.

We are a different animal when Alfredo is in that frame of mind.

I have had an up and down relationship with Alfredo. I won’t lie to anyone, I would have sold him plenty of times and when he was late back to the Tynecastle game last year, which subsequently cost us, I would have driven him to his next destination happily.

But how can you not love his cheeky smile or love what he brings to the team when he is on this form? He was involved in all eight goals against Antwerp whilst he was on the pitch and against United he Scored, Assisted and won a penalty.

If he continues this rich vein of form then the ultimate dream would be a championship clinching goal and trademark knee slide when we visit Parkhead in just under three weeks time.

That would be the ultimate clincher to Alfredo’s time Here.

Don’t forget, he was here under Pedro so has suffered some horrendous down moments and deserves the glory which he is hopefully going to experience.

You never know what happens further down the line, if we have champions league football then we should definitely demand top money for him because he is capable of being that difference maker.

But what has changed certainly for me is that he isn’t the main man in this team.

He is one of many.

Wait but you just said he was?

Well Allan McGregor, James Tavernier, Connor Goldson, Borna Barisic, Ianis Hagi, Ryan Kent etc, they are are main men and everyone could make a claim for being the vital man in the side. That’s because at different moments each player has taken us through a period of games or won things with moments of magic.

That’s the huge difference this season. We are now a team equipped with brilliance throughout and trained to know exactly how to execute that game plan. We should be proud of this team, they have been absolutely phenomenal throughout this season.

There is still work to be done, the confetti can remain in the drawer for a wee while yet, but there is no doubt this team are well on the way to where we belong. Two wins this week will mean just one slip up by our distant challengers and we will be crowned champions for the 55th time.

In less than three years we have taken ourselves from third place finishes and humiliation in Europe to be back to where we belong. The job this management team have done has been incredible. The gap was mammoth and the task was huge. Has it been plain sailing? No it hasn’t, but that has all been part of it to get us to where we are now.

The dominant team in our game. That’s going to hurt a lot of people, but that is no surprise. You can already see some of the incredible lengths to decry Rangers of this achievement. This is something they have worked themselves up to a frenzy about for the last decade. No amount of denial will ever change that.

They didn’t win nine and they certainly won’t be winning ten. Dave King was right all along, more chance of Rangers seeing ten before them.

This is Rangers, this is our country and this is our time.

Can you see us now?

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise, 55 is upon us.


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