Colin Stewart, Rangers Pools and the funding to refurbish Ibrox

On the last Rangers Pools feature we looked at the history of Edmiston house and to the future, as Rangers build a new structure fit to represent our 150th celebrations.

We know from that discussion that Rangers Pools will play a huge part in that rebuild and are aiming to help fund as much of that as possible. Rangers Pools previously funded the £10m rebuild of Ibrox Stadium after the Ibrox disaster. This was mainly due to the strength of players it had then, which brought in huge sums of money. 1.2 million players all playing 10p a week.

Of course Rangers Pools has since restarted and it is the vision of Pools Director Colin Stewart to grow the brand to once again be in the position to fund such club initiatives.

Playing Rangers Pools literally does fund the club.

There are many heroes throughout the Rangers family and for those that don’t know the story, then that of Colin Stewart’s should never be downplayed in our history.

To paraphrase, the Rangers youth development company had around £250,000 which the outgoing board, of 2015, tried to force Colin to hand over. That was money that would have been lost to our football club.

Legend goes Colin took the phones off the hook and closed the Rangers youth development offices whilst he waited for news to come through that Dave King and co had wrestled control from that disgraced outgoing board.

Colin is of course shy when he recalls these events but they certainly shouldn’t be dismissed. What he did ensured money stayed exactly where it should, that’s with Rangers and benefitting Rangers.

That’s exactly what Rangers Pools is designed to do.

It recently helped to fund the new revamp of the dressing room and tunnel area at Ibrox stadium with a £50,000 donation.

That is all money raised by the supporters playing Rangers Pools and will potentially help fund major projects like the Edmiston House rebuild.

“I spoke with the club and confirmed that we had £50k Rangers Pools profits to donate, therefore what could we allocate it to?” Colin said.

“It worked out well as we were just finishing both the tunnel and dressing room work and the £50k helped to cover both upgrades. I was keen to allocate the funds to something tangible that we could point to and say ‘Rangers Pools profits paid for that”

Colin is a very modest man but has dedicated his career to ensure all money raised, either through Rangers Lotto or Pools, has helped to fund everything Rangers. Millions of pounds has been donated back to the club through various projects that ultimately have benefited our club.

“It’s an obvious quote but worth repeating that the more fans who sign up to Rangers Pools then the greater the funds we will be able to donate to capital spend projects, such as Edmiston House”

As Colin rightly points out, your money going straight into Rangers football club. Something which is extremely satisfying.

The work Colin does should never be downplayed and like many who work daily at our club, it is part of what makes this institution so great.

He may not be banging in the goals or helping win the trophies but his contribution is every bit as vital.

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This is not a sponsorship nor part of any payment.

4lads blog is committed to trying to support Rangers lotto and Rangers pools and has raised in the region of £15,000 for that cause. This is part of highlighting the magnificent work that goes towards the club by folk like Colin Stewart.

We have a special football club.