The narrative and lies against the club are no surprise by a Government who needs a diversion

The scenes of jubilation upon Rangers being crowned champions shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone, unless you have been under a rock for the last ten years.

Let’s just make this clear from the get go, damage to any seats is not acceptable and the way the support have rallied round to pay for damages is the correct thing to do. With over £8000 raised the damage will be paid for and nothing I write should be construed as an excuse for that happening.

But save me the bullshit narrative about riots and how this is all the clubs fault.

First of all there was absolutely no riots. It was a gathering and a celebration to the football club becoming champions of the country.

Was it ill advised and not the correct thing to do? Well it certainly wasn’t surprising and when you actively encourage gatherings and protests, don’t be surprised when the message gets missed in amongst everything.

See you can’t pick and choose what’s acceptable.

A gathering is a gathering, whether it’s a celebration or a political event.

Let’s then look at the accusations of riots. Twenty eight arrests is never a positive but that is also a false narrative.

The shocking scenes of fighting at Celtic Park last year, which was a proper riot, and included footage of fences being forced over, buses being attacked and various other events. That is a riot.

If anyone can show me any footage of anything like that from this weekend then I will take it all back, but you can’t because it never happened.

But that’s where stats can be manipulated to suit. There was zero arrests at Celtic Park when fences were flung and buses were attacked. Are you trying to tell me that everyone was well behaved and shouldn’t have been arrested? It’s down to Police strategy on that day.

Which takes me the convenience of what happened for this government. It was front page headlines yesterday that another sexual scandal was upon the SNP. Two SNP MPs were accused of sexual Harassment and what the celebrations did was provide a huge opportunity to hide that news , which they took to the maximum.

See it’s all a bit silly when the Scottish Government come out shouting and trying to take the moral high ground when they have been silent on other major issues in recent weeks and months. Tweets can be found and lack of condemnation for other situations are easily highlighted.

You can’t be silent on some stuff and vocal when it’s others. Scotland has had BLM marches, Independence gatherings, various football fans celebrating and protesting.

Some incidents don’t merit comments but some do? It is not hard to see through the faux moral outrage.

Was there widespread condemnation of Scotland fans gathering in George Square or the ‘nine’ in a row awarded celebrations last year? It’s not hard to find the answer to that.

That then takes us to the attacks on the football club.

Rangers themselves contacted the Scottish Government and SPFL back on 22nd of February. This was designed to discuss how best to liaise with fans and use Steven Gerrard to highlight that.

As you saw from the Managers message in the press conference last Friday and Saturday. Rangers agreed a strategy and form of words with both governing bodies. Rangers moved everyone away from the stadium and told fans to disperse several times via tannoy announcements.

The attempt by the SNP to suggest the Rangers fans could cost Scotland from hosting the Euro ‘2020’ games is nothing short of a disingenuous lie which UEFA have already distanced themselves from.

The Scottish Government has also been forced to now admit that they DID meet Rangers back on the 26th of February and the 5th of March.

So has John Swinney has lied in his outburst yesterday? Well that’s not for me to say but the answers are all infront of you. Perhaps he’s just taking the lead from his esteemed leader.

Rangers should just deny all knowledge and say that’s not how they remember any celebrations….

The fact is Rangers could have put Jimmy Bell, Steven Gerrard and Gary McAllister out to disperse the crowd and it still wouldn’t have been enough.

It’s Rangers and our fans they really have a problem with. Our colours, our flags and Rangers winning. The Justice minister so very vocal and yet so quiet on many other issues, especially when surrounding his own club.

As a support we need to listen to the manager and listen to the club’s guidance. We will get the opportunity to celebrate when it is safe and arranged by the club to do so. But don’t let anyone spoil this moment.

Rangers are champions of Scotland, that’s the real problem for some.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵