We see you Michael Stewart, you are a disgrace


Rangers have won 55 titles and this is a fantastic time for everyone in the support. Rangers have been magnificent throughout the campaign and no matter what happens between now and the end of the season, the objective is done.

But we aren’t being allowed to enjoy it.

First it was the Government campaign of deflection against our support, whilst their parliamentary shortfalls and scandals were clear for all to see.

Now after being eliminated, fairly, from Europe we are now being exposed to horrendous ‘whataboutery’ and warped justification of racial abuse all because of the strip our player wears.

It’s worth repeating. If you are making a point and it includes ‘but’ or ‘however’ then you need to stop and think. There can be no ‘but’ or ‘however’, this is Racism, we must stop it and we all have a responsibility to ensure we do.

If you are using your platform, social media or worse still, national profile to throw doubt and victim shame a complainer, then stop and think.

Jean Johansson said it correctly

“I’m ‘uncomfortable and uneasy’ with pundits who put the burden of proof on the abused and not the abuser.”

This is exactly what Michael Stewart has done.

But this isn’t the first time.

Last year when Alfredo Morelos was subject to racial abuse he cast doubt on that claim also. Someone was charged for that but it still didn’t stop Michael from trying to victim shame and discredit Alfredo Morelos.

Fast forward and here we are again. This time it’s Glen Kamara but once again Michael Stewart casts doubt and try’s to discredit what has happened.

It doesn’t matter what he is saying, 1% doubt or whatever he disguises his prejudices behind, this man has a national broadcasting position and he is continually allowed to spread such disgraceful views.

Rio Ferdinand has called it out perfectly. He needs to educate himself.

But I’d go further, he isn’t capable because he has a deep lying hatred of our football club. His views are vile and they are dangerous.

What message does this send to any victim of anything anywhere, we can’t take you seriously because there is 1% element of doubt?

It’s dangerous and abhorrent.

To have a national stage to do so, is even worse. Frankly it’s frightening that someone with such warped views has that platform.

Michael Stewart is dangerous and the BBC should remove him. The fact they don’t is complicit to how they have treated our club for years.

I understand Rangers need a relationship with the BBC because what is going on is unhealthy, but I would urge the club to fight their position fully whilst we strive for an even playing ground. Any resolution needs to ensure guys like this aren’t given a platform to spread their hatred.

Michael Stewart views are toxic and he has publicly forced the burden of proof onto our players twice. In the most abhorrent of situations.

There will be some who say ‘take your own advice Stevie’, ‘ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise’. Yes and no, I see that, but this guy has a national position and I will challenge anyone who continuously attacks our club as he does. His views can’t be allowed.

It’s nothing to do with the situation and everything to do with our club.

We see you for what you are Michael, now others are seeing it as well

You are a disgrace