Proud of my club and we stand with them. Now UEFA must take action

Steven Gerrard said it correctly, ‘Some things are bigger than football’. The most distressing press conference I have ever seen from the Rangers manager during his time at the club. He was visibly angry and upset.

Rangers were well beaten over the two legs, we didn’t perform and Slavia were the better side. As Gerrard said, nothing is being said to hide from that. It was an extremely difficult night all round.

But what happened to Glen Kamara and the Slavia Prague reaction since, is nothing short of absolutely disgusting.

Glen Kamara stood holding the ball with nothing to do with the situation. The Slavia player Kudela gestures at him, then walks towards him cusps his hands to hide what he is saying.

Why hide what you are saying? Bongani Zungu instantly shouts in defence of Kamara and you can hear them shouting that the word ‘Monkey’ has been used. That wasn’t co-ordinated and manufactured, Zungu clearly heard what was said. His reaction is clear.

The player then runs away. Why do such a calculated move to tell a player ‘You are a fucking guy?’. Slavia’s statement is absolutely disgraceful and their attempts to deflect are disgusting. It makes it so much worse if that’s even possible.

Not one word of condemnation or attempt to say what happened, is alleged to have happened or that it will be investigated to the full. Just that he’s innocent and it’s all our fault, deflect deflect deflect.

Glen Kamara is a quiet professional who never reacts to anything. Like Gerrard, the entire fanbase stands behind him because somethings are bigger than football.

Kemar Roofe has sadly been subjected to horrendous racial abuse on his social media platform and Gerrard is again right, it all stems from a club who do nothing to call it out and a situation they clearly tolerate given their reaction since.

It’s over to UEFA now and they have to throw the book at them. Just look at the reaction of the two Slavia players nearest the incident, both stand in shock having heard what was said. This isn’t their first time and just ask Romelu Lukaku what he thinks of Slavia Prague.

Throw them out. Get them out of European competition. That’s the only way this will stop.

I don’t want their place, it isn’t an attempt to have Rangers restored, but if Uefa are serious then all the billboards, messages and displays aren’t doing the job. Take action.

Anyone using their social media to deflect away from this, just because of the colour of Kamara’s jersey, is also part of the problem. If you are using ‘but’ or ‘however’ then you need to look hard at yourself.

It doesn’t matter who is involved, for any player to suffer this, in that manner, must be protected as much as football possibly can. The dregs of Social media have already started and I am pleased to see so many call them out.

This is about last night and it is about Slavia. If you want to drag Rangers into it and deflect because it’s us then yes you are part of the problem.

I stand with my club and I am proud of our reaction. Steven Gerrard is everything I want as a manager. A leader, a winner and he clearly gets it.

The whole club do.

From my Captain on the night and his reaction. To the manager, to our DOF Ross Wilson and our Chairman Douglas Park. All together as one to stand with our player.

We stand with our players. The supporters are right behind Kemar Roofe and Glen Kamara.

Now Uefa have to do the right thing.

What happened last night is disgusting and it can never be tolerated.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵