Stay at home, support Rangers. Easy, it’s not even the biggest game this week

I haven’t seen one Rangers fan say they intended on going to Parkhead on Sunday, despite the ridiculous pressure the government are putting on the club.

With all the headlines surrounding the events of a few weekends ago when Rangers were announced Champions, this Government has taken the opportunity to deflect away from it’s failings as much as possible.

Rangers have been used as the Lightning Rod for a failing Government. It’s easy to see. The headlines of sex scandals and widespread lies in major enquiries, they have had to be deflected somehow. They have used our supporters as much as they can.

Everyone is well aware that our fans celebrating wasn’t the best idea but it was a spontaneous outpouring of joy. How could the club have done anything other than the messages they put out at the time?

They have now pressured the club into various messages to remind our support not to go anywhere near the ground on Sunday. The club even met with various fans groups and supporters to discuss strategy towards getting the message across.

That to me is another positive. We all wanted fan media and when you see the ridiculous headlines and paper coverage, even the last few days (front page of the Glasgow Times springs to mind) then I am even more glad the club are engaging with our support.

The club have been very good with me and several other fan media platforms. I simply choose to step away because I have a very young family which required all my attention. Three and four year old boys who spend most of their days shouting for ‘Alfredo’. My parenting is working.

Here’s the thing though, as a support we are all united on this; we were never going anyway.

The league is won. Sunday’s old firm is a glorified training match against rivals so far behind that we can barely see them in the league table.

Of course they have their trophy to defend. The ‘we gave Rangers a game for 20 mins’ trophy they self awarded to themselves at New Year, when we beat them without even having a shot on target.

But the real truth is that most of the support couldn’t care less about Sunday if given the real option.

On Thursday we have the chance to go into the quarter finals of a European tournament and show the world Rangers are not only Champions of Scotland, but back on the European stage to be noticed.

Steven Gerrard made a comment several weeks ago that was largely missed but it immediately made me excited. He said Rangers weren’t ready to win big things in Europe, yet, but everyone was allowed to dream anyway.

It was the yet that got me excited. He clearly believes and has ambitions that this is where Rangers should be plying our trade every season.

And why not? Our results have been sensational and he deserves every credit as he closes in on the club’s European win record.

Thursday is the big one. It’s what the club are craving and it’s what we are all looking forward too.

League champions and European quarter finalists? That is an exciting.

Good luck to the club and management this Thursday, as a support we are all united in the clubs message;

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Support The NHS.

Support Rangers FC.

There is bigger and more exciting things this week., but we knew that anyway.

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵