This isn’t a good team, this is an outstanding team

It’s been a little over a week since Rangers were crowned Champions for a world record 55th time. It’s been a week of feeling top of the world and a feeling we have waited so long for.

Predictably there are those that have tried to take that moment from us but it’s something that, no matter what they do, they shouldn’t be given the attention to do so. There are those that this title is hurting them to their very bone, enjoy that and soak it all in.

There are those that will use Rangers name to push an agenda or narrative but that comes with being the biggest name in the country. People use our club to stay relevant or use our club to deflect away from what is really going on, as has been evident this week.

It has been well known that this championship would hurt a lot of people, it’s not worth even worrying about them because they can’t take away anything that we have achieved.

They are not even a good team? Well that’s correct because they aren’t good, we are an outstanding team.

What we are witnessing is a team who have produced our best European and league form in decades. A team who have the individual and collective brilliance required.

We are witnessing a team that has produced some iconic individual moments, from half way line goals to wonderful volleys. A team that can keep the ball and knock it about for fun before scoring the type of goals we spent years dreaming about.

This is a team unbeaten in the league and in Europe. It is correct, we aren’t a good team. This is an outstanding team. It’s worth repeating.

Enjoy it, live it and breathe every second because we have spent a decade being told we aren’t allowed too, it’s unfashionable to be a Rangers fan and our club were all the bad things possible.

Those who last laugh and all that.

I love this team. It’s one of the finest I have ever seen wear our colours and it deserves to be enjoyed.

So that’s my message. Rangers are champions and we have months of enjoyment ahead, not to mention finishing this season as strongly as we can.

Steven Gerrard said something which we should hold close;

“Last week was a huge milestone for Rangers but make no mistake about it – this journey is far from over. We are only just beginning”

Europe was once again back on the forefront and I’ll be completely honest, given the celebrations of the weekend, I was a little concerned heading into the game with Prague.

On the first thirty minutes it was clear that some of us were right to be worried but what happened next was so predictable of this team and why I have nothing but genuine love for everything they do on the pitch.

Rangers found a way. Champions find ways.

All the old sayings are entirely true with this team and they dug in, rode the storm then forced a vital away goal. I said above the team have a little bit of everything, well, it also has the balls needed to be a Rangers team.

A free kick and rebound later before Ianis Hagi squared it to big Fil Helander to tap home. It wasn’t the silky goal we spoke about above, it was again that something different.

Rangers had opportunities in a second half when we were more pressing and better on the ball but again it was individual moments that took the tie back to Ibrox with Rangers in the driving seat.

A superb block by Nathan Paterson summed up a very good performance by the youngster. He is a player and in time will seamlessly be Rangers full back for years to come.

But then the moment. THAT moment.

A deep cross and a free header bulleted towards the bottom corner. Allan McGregor sprung over to claw it out with his pinky, that beautiful magnificent pinky which has given pleasure to not only the fans, but well, a lot of others….

Allan McGregor has been sensational this year and that just typified it. He is rightly being discussed in the same sentence as Andy Goram, even if I believe he isn’t there just yet. Goram was special, the best GK I have ever seen. Allan McGregor deserves to be spoken about in that company.

His interview skills every bit as enjoyable as his performances on the pitch.

Happy Days indeed.

So it’s back to Ibrox in a ninety minute shoot out with a team we can’t underestimate. They have been very good and showed against Leicester just how good they can be.

This though is a Rangers team who are extremely capable. We can be positive and without being over confident, trust the team to put in a performance. Europe simply underlines the original point of this whole blog.

Enjoy this team, enjoy this moment and don’t let anyone take the moment from you.

Our team, our time, our trophy.

Good luck to the team and management in the big European game this Thursday night.

The message from the manager was clear

Stay safe. Stay at home. Support the NHS

Support Rangers Football Club.

No problem gaffer, it’s the least we can do for you.

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