Wright up for the cup as Rangers look to finish at the double and a MyGers 21/22 competition

Rangers are champions and it has been an enjoyable month since our 55th title was clinched. However the season now once again ‘restarts’ as we look to clinch a double, with the Scottish cup now very much at the forefront of our intentions.

No doubts the club have started to plan for next year with the confirmation of new one year deals for Allan McGregor and Steven Davis. Both thoroughly deserved and both massive figures within the dressing room.

Make no mistakes the club have a very big summer ahead and we must ensure we do not weaken our hand whilst at the same time implementing the club’s strategy of player trading.

We know that is the club’s vision and business plan so we must be realistic that the summer may bring those player sales we ‘dread’ somewhat. Alfredo Morelos, Glenn Kamara, Ryan Kent, Borna Barisic to name but a few, will all have a host of clubs after them. This is where Ross Wilson will really come into his own because I would realistically think that he will be looking at all eventualities and thinking of all reasonable strategies going forward.

There has to be a balance to everything. We have the champions league to consider and we know the riches that can bring. Huge offers for a Kent, Morelos or Kamara may be hugely appetising to the board room (without criticism may I add because we all know the situation and never will I ever question the board on those matters) but we also have to look at the effect it will have on the team.

So yes keeping both Allan and Steven are great moves because it’s two huge pillars of the team we can cement for next season. The other two huge parts of the team that need to be clarified is James Tavernier and Connor Goldson. Both are massive to this team and both of their contracts run down the summer of 2022.

I said recently it would come as no surprise if talks have taken place and the club would have deals in motion behind the scenes for many of the out of contract players. I certainly hope that’s the case with both the above. My reasoning for that is simple, beyond the fact that both are essential and brilliant players, if we are going to lose a couple of the big hitters from the squad then we have to minimise the disruption as much as possible. I don’t want to have a situation where money talks for Kamara, Kent, Alfredo then we have to sell Tav and Connor due to contracts running down. Losing five like that from our first team would be a massive loss and once again we are rebuilding.

That’s also why I would keep Jermain Defoe IF the price was right. It again minimises the disruption and he is still good for 10-15 goals in the season, especially if that money does come for Alfredo.

Not to mention we have to bring in new blood and make sure we emerge stronger. Any outgoing players will have to be replaced and I still think we need to strengthen our midfield even if we kept the squad intact.

Of course it’s all speculation but we need to be mindful of just how big this summer is. But we also need to be mindful that all that speculation is for later on.

The team were good against Cove and very professional. They pressed and all of the good habits we have seen were evident in abundance. It could have been a lot more and it should have been a lot more but that also doesn’t diminish what was a satisfying evenings work.

Scott Wright got his first start and we were all delighted with what we saw. Anybody that has followed this blog and our ‘Rangers Review’ pods know how big a fan I am of Wright. I see a lot of potential and I believe he can have a huge impact on the team.

Gerrard was spot on when he said there is a lot to work on but the natural raw ability is clearly there in abundance. This is a lad that can do what Ryan Kent is doing now if we give him time to mature and develop.

I really like his style and I’m instantly impressed. I’m not for throwing him in though, it’s a work in progress signing for me and one that can add a freshener from the bench if we need it in the run in. Sure he should start here and there but he isn’t an automatic choice just yet and I say that as his biggest fanboy!

We need to take our time and history has told us that it can take players time to settle.

But it’s certainly looking all ‘Wright’ so far. (No apologies given!)

It was also positive to see Kemar Roofe bag a couple and get closer to fitness. He can be and is such a vital component of our team but he has to be fit to get to that place. He has undoubted quality and has made a huge impact, his run of form between October to New Year was the player we all hoped he can be.

Getting him fit and keeping him fit really does take this team up a level. The challenge is making that a reality.

What he is going through off the pitch is disturbing and it was nice to see him say he appreciates all our support, but that is never in question.

We are in this together.

We have five games to complete in the league and a Scottish Cup to try and return home to Ibrox. This season will always be special and it will always be exciting to recall but it could be one of the club’s finest ever if we manage a double. It would be brilliant to be unbeaten in the league but ultimately if given the choice a double for me definitely supersedes that.

Celtic at home will be a huge game and they will be desperate to salvage something this year as well as impress any new boss. Rumours that Eddie Howe will take that job are of no interest to me personally but as they are our main rivals it obviously impacts us. They will have a point to prove but so does this club and especially against them.

We have, arguably, underperformed against them in the last two matches performance wise and this is an opportunity to press home our advantage by ending their season entirely with a firm message.

We are Champions on merit and for a reason. We have been relentless and impressive, this little ‘mini Season’ is now an opportunity to enforce that and bring home a double.

It would also banish any lingering hang ups regarding domestic cup competition. We have underperformed and the manager has admitted as much.

We won’t get a better opportunity to make sure those accusations are put to bed.

We are Rangers, we are Champions, we are relentless. It’s time to hammer that home.

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