This team are champions with legendary status but what makes a Rangers legend? Is James Tavernier a Rangers legend?

When is a legend really a legend?

It’s a question that will provoke arguments and discussion on supporters buses, pubs and terraces everywhere or it will in normal times.

Names such as John Greig, Sandy Jardine, Richard Gough, George Young and Ally McCoist are rightly bestowed as Rangers legends.

There is universal agreement in that. The Hall of Fame is filled with names of players who have had an undoubted moments of greatness in a Rangers shirt.

But what makes a Rangers legend?

Is it service at the club? Is it moments on the pitch? Is it leadership and character? Is it the trophies that are won or is it the goals that are scored? Is it captaincy when times are tough? Is it showing the desire and heart to become a true Ranger?

Someone who is a legend for some, may not be a legend for others. There are some who are undoubtedly legends in the eyes of every supporter. There are some who are given legendary status or cult status for very little.

As supporters that’s what we do.

The fact is as supporters we put our players on monumental podiums and laud everything they do, we have our favourites. As a season ticket holder of almost a quarter century, that stretches back to the nineties, I have saw some famous names and moments in our clubs illustrious history.

Nine in a row, European finals, the Advocaat years, our 50th title under Alex McLeish, The Walter Smith revival years and recently the journey cumulating in our 55th title.

I have fallen in and out of love with many players during their time. Players can literally go from hero to zero, and back, in a kick of a ball in the eyes of every supporter. At Rangers you really are as good as your last performance.

This season Rangers had a huge pressure on them especially after the disgraceful way that the governing bodies called the season last year. The manager faced huge pressure if he failed to land silverware and the club as a whole had invested big on returning us back to where we rightly belong.

So the players, who had largely fallen short before, once again stepped up to try and return the club to greatness. There is a thought process that this title is the biggest in our history and that this team now has legendary status which returns us to the point of this whole blog.

So What makes a legend? What makes a Rangers legend?

A legend is whoever and whatever you want it to be. Most will see a winning goal, a season of performances and years of achievements to make that status. Years of those achievements create legacies like Bill Struth, Walter Smith, Willie Waddell and the true greats of Rangers.

To become a true Rangers legend, for me you must overcome everything and show the true desire that legends of the club have done previously. Heart, desire, leadership and performance as well as those moments that propel our club to greatness.

In this team there is no doubt for me it has legendary status and landing this title automatically bestows them that, given the gravity of the situation we faced this season. The players are rightly lauded as heroes and have a status that can never be doubted. In years to come we will love this eleven as much as any Rangers teams that have landed silverware in our past.

For James Tavernier he arrived in the championship and had difficult seasons and some horrific results. With a goal average around one in every four games his performances have been steady and progressively better ever year, finally accumulating in a season which many consider to be of legendary status. The captain of the team that won 55 was always going to be bestowed that honour.

But for some they will say he has to cement a legacy before reaches the levels of those previously mentioned.

James Tavernier has shown heart, desire, spirit and determination to prove himself in our shirt. He has shown the quality required to propel the team to this title when many of the support had questioned his ability.

At Rangers, we are lucky to have is many heroes, icons and men who have made massive contributions to our club and given us moments of unbeatable joy.

Rangers football club is built on success, we are built on winning and we are built on striving to be the best football club around. We have faced the most difficult of years and came back swinging strongly.

There isn’t many who have given us the service, commitment and shown the mental strength to prove himself in our jersey that he has.

James Tavernier has shown that, then had the balls to prove it on the pitch not only to everyone else but also sections of our own support.

One thing for sure is that anyone who thinks or feels he is a legend has a very strong argument to support it. If he isn’t considered a club legend yet then I have no doubt that he will cement his legacy further as more silverware comes.

Champions of Scotland with a squad that deserves legendary collective status. Captain of the team that landed 55 in the face of adversity from everything.

I’m happy for them to be given any label that the support want. There is more to come, more legends will be created, more legacies will be cemented.

James Tavernier, in my eyes, has overcome it all and came out in the only way that matters at our club.

A winner. This is Rangers, it’s the only thing that matters.

As the manager and captain says

‘This isn’t the start, it’s merely the beginning’

Ignore the nonsense, the irrelevant and the noise 🔴⚪️🔵