GVB: ‘It’s an honour to be here but we have to win prizes’

The immediate bounce from Giovanni Van Bronckhorst has now since faded and the pressure is on as Rangers manager. It’s absolutely fair to say there is pertinent questions surrounding his management and decisions but these are valid everywhere in modern football.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were all enthusiastic about his work and the difference he is making, the problem is when the result stops then so does the good feeling. Questions then come, pressure comes and there is more scrutiny.

That’s Rangers football club and it wouldn’t have surprised the manager.

The run of form since returning from winter break has been poor but arguably Rangers are beginning to hit form in some areas, when results aren’t good it doesn’t matter.

On Sunday Rangers could have scored six in the second half alone but poor finishing and choices meant only one was converted. We were undoubtedly on the end of three appalling decisions, two of which would have awarded penalties and reducing United down to ten men, when they arguably should have been at already. But that is excuses, it’s on us first but both can be mentioned and be mutually true.

Rangers aren’t getting the breaks that other teams are getting, either by accident or design.

That’s not to be said there isn’t valid criticism. Giovanni has got it wrong in away games with his style and set up but he’s also adjusted to find a way to win in Germany as well as perform better at Tannadice in spells.

However it’s all about winning and rightly so at this football club. He has to get that right as there is very little wiggle room left but it’s also only three points. Throwing in the towel now is something not to be contemplated.

So there is plenty pressure on the manager and that’s something I was keen to ask him about in today’s press conference.

Question ‘Giovanni, I wanted to ask you how much you are enjoying the challenge of being Rangers Manager, being back at the club and how much you are looking forward to such a massive game on Thursday? As well as enjoying the pressure that comes with being Rangers manager?’

Giovanni ‘For me if it is a huge honour to be manager of this club. Having had a history as a player and having had a really good time here when I came here as a player’

‘It’s different now because I am the manager but I enjoy it being the manager as I said before’

On the pressure of being manager

Giovanni ‘I have to prepare the players, I have to make sure we are playing at the best levels we can and with the magnitude of this club we want to win prizes’

‘That’s what we all want, that’s my goal here with this club and that’s my want for this team. The pressure is always there, I’ve felt pressure throughout my whole career not only as a player but also as a coach.’

‘I think this is what keeps you sharp, it keeps you working on the development of the team’

‘This is something I cherish because it means you are the manager of a big club and, you know, just give one hundred percent in the things you have to do. Lead my players, lead my staff and make sure we are getting the performances in.’

Make sure we are successful for this club’


That’s exactly it. Giovanni knows exactly what is required as Rangers manager and poor form means he is under pressure but as above that’s something he thrives on, that’s life at this football club.

It’s also up to the players to respond and to make sure they deliver this title. But all that is secondary at the moment because it’s Dortmund Thursday and a massive game to contemplate.

We have a great opportunity to progress but it is only half time. Dortmund can trouble us but we can also trouble them if we get the good bits right from last week.

Ibrox should be rocking, the manager is ready and so are Rangers. Time to finish the job.

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