Borna Barisic – I dream of lifting the trophy

I was lucky enough to attend the Europa League media day at Rangers training centre. There was a special fan media site set up and the club provided us players to speak with. Amongst those was Borna Barisic who took time to talk to us all.

He approaches and asks who he is talking too, we reply it’s fan media and the fans, so he instantly relaxes. We ask him on his trainers, what colour are those Borna?! We all laugh, they are clearly yellow, He laughs and says yellow! It’s a relaxed atmosphere instantly.

It’s been a season of ups and downs which Borna freely discusses but with a honesty and friendliness. He’s naturally excited and discusses the final as being the biggest moment in his career.

Borna of course was a big part of the league winning side last year and was asked if this week is the biggest of his time here, he was quick to agree with that assessment.

Borna was a gentleman and for a second he gave is a glimpse into his mindset as he opened up on his Rangers season.

Borna Barisic interview

Borna, congratulations on reaching the Europa League final, you must be buzzing?!

Yes thank you, I am completely buzzing! I am really happy, this was probably the happiest day in my Rangers career so far. I’m excited to go to the final so yes I am very pleased.

You have came back from set backs to show top form, you’ve played in massive games for Croatia and Rangers, where does this rank for you in your career?

The final? Probably first place! I played for Croatia against France and Portugal but in terms of importance it’s probably this one. The biggest, certainly the biggest in my career.

Have you allowed yourself to think about winning? A free kick, Borna Barisic left footer, allowed yourself to dream?

Yes yes! I don’t day dream but of course then I go to sleep and I dream of lifting the trophy or a goal or assist but it’s hard because everything is so busy around the final and we have to see. I have to concentrate but I can not say I haven’t been doing that yeah!

Finally, your Rangers career this season there has been Progression (European) with massive highs and moments where team hasn’t done so well, is this now the pinnacle and biggest week in your time here?

Hmmmmm, I would say yes, two big cup finals so I would say yes!

(Then we get a glimpse into Borna Barisic)

In terms of me, up and down this season. There are some reasons, I know, maybe some people know but they are not coincidence but the good thing was in that moment I knew why this was happening.

I’ll not tell you but the good thing was I knew what this club was like and I knew that if you are not 100% then you can’t play here.

In that moment when I didn’t play I trained so hard every day, I made sure I was taking care of my body. I knew even why I didn’t play in that two months I said to myself I want just one game to try and help the team, that was my aim.

When I look back on how I play and how I was thinking, when I came back in, it is amazing what I achieved. But it’s not coincidence it’s hard work and dedication, good team play and I am very happy because I am now back in my top form and enjoying it.

Borna smiles, I fanboy a wee bit by saying thank you and your form has been incredible. It’s Borna Barisic! I almost slipped into gushing mode but he laughs and politely says thanks before exiting.

I press him for a line or two of his song, but he’s saving it….