Rangers require widespread change and inaction isn’t an option

Another weekend of frustration and anger widespread throughout the support. Rangers produced another turgid and chronic performance in Paisley as we limped to more dropped points. A title ‘race’ which we have handed straight to our rivals, gift wrapped, a month before Christmas.

The support are angry at the board, the managing director, the director of football, the manager and the players. There has been a failure on so many levels throughout the club. 

The blunt truth is the fans have every right to feel as such.

This squad of players is weak willed and lacking in quality. They have repeated the same mistakes season after season and their performance levels completely unacceptable. Individual regression to key assets has been startling and it’s clear they aren’t working for this manager, this squad will think nothing of simply giving up as we have seen many times. The fitness and application of some individuals is truly horrific.

But you can’t sack a squad of players.

The manager will carry the can for that and it’s unfair to some extent, but it is also undeniable that there is damning evidence against him. The level of performance is absolutely unacceptable, there has been so many on-field collapses which has brought some horrendous results and a year in many can’t see an effective style of play.

There is no doubt he brought success with a Scottish cup win and tremendous European run, financially he has brought huge income with player sales and qualification for the Champions league.

However, to be in this position and to have overseen two league collapses means his position is completely untenable. To be nine points behind at this point in November is unacceptable, for the team to look so rudderless and devoid of ideas is arguably worse.

I have been outspoken on his position and I take no satisfaction in doing so, but I don’t see any way he can or should continue as Rangers Manager. It isn’t working and the longer it continues the worse it will become.

Giovanni Van Bronckhorst isn’t the only problem and anger is also at Ross Wilson who has failed in numerous aspects of the club. On this subject I have also been outspoken but his position is arguably worse.

It is his job to oversee it all, squad recruitment, wage bill, player contracts and the general football department.

What we have is a bloated unbalanced squad with the core going out of contract and a spiralling wage bill which is massively high for the performance we are seeing.

Far too many windows have been wasted and recruitment extremely poor or not what the team has required. It’s almost boring to repeat these points but this squad needed a Midfielder, right winger and inspiration, we didn’t get any of it.

As for the football department, the scouting department remains understaffed and key positions still not filled. The medical department an absolute mess and since Dr Mark Waller left for Leicester the results have been horrifically evident.

Yes, the sale of Calvin Bassey is a huge one but when the money brought in is largely wasted it negates that good work. He has brought in 26 players and spent over £40m according to the accounts yet this squad needs ripped up and completely rebuilt. A club who’s whole business plan relies on progressing players and signings for profits has no obvious squad assets to do this. It’s a mess and he has oversaw it all.

The body of evidence against him is overwhelming and his position is as untenable as anyone else if not more.

But the anger doesn’t stop there. A boardroom who has stumbled from one incident to another has lost the support of the fans also. So many incidents, from Australia to MyGers, from travel partners to court cases, from ticket issues to customer service, it has been a mess and people are literally fed up. At times the contempt towards the support is almost unfathomable.

The silence is literally Golden, we don’t hear from the chairman and communication is minimum. Now this board can sit and tell you this is wrong but that’s the feeling amongst the support. No one will forget the level of investment or the fact that the club are on a good footing through an awful situation, but the feeling towards the leadership isn’t favourable. Confidence in Stewart Robertson, Douglas Park and the board is replaced by anger.

The AGM is coming and this board have so many issues to sort, perhaps listening to the fans is a welcomed start. There is highly paid executives letting this club down and it is running throughout the club right down to the playing squad.

They can’t sit in silence or hide during this, big decisions are required and they are required immediately.

Time to act and act now.

4 thoughts on “Rangers require widespread change and inaction isn’t an option

  1. Steven is 100% correct in his statements!
    Does the Rangers Board honestly expect the supporters to watch the pathetic performances and say nothing?
    So for Gods sake start making the difficult decisions, if that is too much for you then leave your position.


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