AGM revisited – Rangers board avoid being held to account

The AGM has come and gone with very little of note emerging from it. Questions didn’t come on the major issues and largely the board managed to escape without the level of scrutiny the running of our club deserves. I have waited a few days before posting on it all but I can’t help but feel disappointed.

Now before I continue I feel I must clarify a few things. Media was not granted access nor was fan media given access, anyone that attended from those platforms either have shares or were granted access via proxy by another shareholder. So Fan Media were not given any access or any privileges to ask questions, none of the media were.

Secondly, I am not a financial expert so I will not begin to sit and criticise that part of the business against men who are qualified and to do so and all run successful businesses. What I will do is comment merely as a fan looking at what transpired and make my own observations.

There had been a suggestion there could be fireworks and that this could be a difficult one for all concerned, it didn’t happen, the resolutions have passed. The really difficult subjects, the ones that accountability really should be taken, were largely untouched.

Australia – I’m amazed no one asked on the farce of a decision that engulfed the club around March this year. I would have thought someone would have asked for an explanation on just who at the club signed this off and why they thought it was a good idea.

It would have been a great opportunity for the board to simply say ‘We thought it was a great deal but completely misjudged the situation and for that we apologise to all the support, we have to try and generate funds, this was an opportunity we felt could have helped with that but we accept we made an error of judgement’.

Perhaps they didn’t need to be asked, perhaps the board could have said it anyway. Especially now it’s heading back to the courtroom. A chance to end the bad feeling completely missed and a chance for an explanation not taken.

Litigation – I suspect again this would have been swerved but perhaps someone at board level could have taken responsibility for what is continuing area of questions for the support. The Sports Direct settlement, Elite claim, shirt fixed prices, memorial walls. It’s £15m plus of potential costs.

Why no one asked on this will be a relief but what I want to know is why this keeps happening? Who at board level can explain the decision making that has ultimately led the club to here. Perhaps it’s unavoidable, perhaps it was always going to happen but any chance someone can take responsibility and explain to the support instead of creating a vacuum which is ultimately filled with doom and gloom.

Investment- What are the clubs plans to generate new funds? Now I credit club1872 with asking the chairman to explain his five year plan but the answer from chairman of the club was excruciating. The audible reaction from the shareholders was clear. To simply say the plan is to win as many games as possible and as many trophies is extremely simplistic.

A perfect opportunity to outline a vision and plans for investment, leadership and communication with the support. Completely missed.

Lack of communication – The complete silence and lack of coms from the club is a massive issue. Last year Stewart Robertson specifically mentioned that Fan engagement and customer service was number one priority. I can’t help but feel the board should have been held account to this. The amount of unrest amongst the support could be soothed by resolving some of the issues above and being regularly in contact with the support.

Whilst we don’t communicate issues get bigger, problems occur and people get disgruntled.

Finances – Financially we are in good shape it seems, but there wasn’t much explanation of what comes next. The board deserve huge credit for almost balancing the books and removing the financial notice from the accounts. That’s a massive plus but I’d like to know our plans if we don’t have European football or if we don’t sell major assets. Can we break even then or are we relying on investors.

Perhaps that goes back to requesting major leadership from the board and when given the opportunity, the chairman’s position on his five year plan, should be a lot more detailed and less dismissive.

Disabled access – The plans for disabled access is extremely positive and I am proud of the plans put in place for the club to provide those spaces.

But what if funds aren’t provided to put in places new seating? How do we plug the £500,000 deficit the club admitted this will cost? What about fan standing area? Does this mean it’s not possible?

Now this is not a criticism of the disabled access, far from it, but there is certainly more questions from it that require to be answered.

Edmiston house – What is the overall costs now at and what will the final costs be? How much will we earn per annum and how long before we break even and begin to profit? Again not a criticism but surely fair questions not to mention when it will actually be operational.

Ross Wilson – Question to Ross Wilson were entirely fair and well done to the members for asking them. His answer to the John Souttar question was absolutely painful however and I urge you all to watch it if you haven’t. ‘We were sure we could fix his issues but maybe we were wrong on that’. So who takes accountability for the four year deal?

Refusing to answer the squad valuation question was also interesting, because Dave King told us in 2019 it was Ross Wilson who was tasked with that valuation, now it’s unfair as it was plucked out of no where. I dunno maybe I’ve misunderstood it all?

Now, I’m not sitting here demanding this board is ripped up and people resign. How can I ask for that when these people have put so much into the club?

Without them our growth recovery would surely be at a much slower level, John Bennett deserves huge thanks for providing his level of backing as does Douglas Park and other investors. I thank them unreservedly for that.

That doesn’t mean I agree with how they are running the club as a football side and not as a business. The customer service and lack of communication is a huge issue and why I can write a blog and ask the questions above.

The welcome for the board and executive team was ‘lukewarm’ at best especially when compared to the manager who’s reception was massively positive in comparison. If that doesn’t resonate with the board then not a lot will.

Now if the above is completely unfair then I’ll take that responsibility but when there is so much anger towards the board then perhaps it’s not far away. If it’s easily explained then perhaps the board should speak to us and do just that.

Maybe then there wouldn’t be so much negativity about the running of the club.

Note – 4lads has no remit and no agreement to ask for interviews with anyone at Rangers football club. The football club have went above and beyond to help and provide me with content. The platform has an open invite to anyone on the board or at Rangers football club who wishes to speak with the support.

I will continue to ask them and continue to try and ask questions I feel are relevant. Does not mean I am right and it does not mean I am demanding change. I am also well aware I am a lowly blogger with little standing but I am trying to ask those questions.

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One thought on “AGM revisited – Rangers board avoid being held to account

  1. Well said some of the questions asked to the board were nonsense none of the right questions were asked so you right to point that out


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