Allan McGregor – The Interview

It was mentioned last night Allan McGregor first made his debut twenty one years ago. He has 13 honours in his time at Rangers as well as being involved in two European runs to finals.

He has five League cup winners medals which we hope is a lucky omen ahead of this Sunday’s final.

I was lucky to watch Chris Woods in my early days before witnessing Andy Goram who was incredible in his prime. There is a lovely debate to be had to who is the greatest but Allan himself doesn’t want it causing ‘Issues down the pub’. To have that debate shows how lucky we are.

Goram was incredible, the truth is Allan has pushed that all the way with incredible moments, saves, penalty saves and longevity in a Rangers jersey.

But as he will tell you the only thing that matters is Rangers winning and this club being successful.

I was delighted to speak with him along side Heart & Hand podcast as exclusive access for fan media after the weekend’s Edmiston House opening Gala which celebrated the induction of three new Hall of Fame entrants.

Allan McGregor, Steven Davis and James Tavernier all became inductees and we spoke to them all. You will be able to read and listen to them all in the coming days.

My thank you to Nick Thomson and all in the Rangers FC Media team for their help and access which is above and beyond. Credit also to Rangers for the HoF picture.

Here’s what Allan had to say, you can listen above and read below.

Allan congratulations, How does it feel?

“I said it was an honour and a privilege. A special moment for me. I said before I’m not one for individual honours but this is a wee bit different. Just special and to be part of this unbelievable club’s history and have my name on that marble staircase means a lot.

What have been your biggest highlights?

“Winning trophies has got to be the highlight. It’s what this club’s used to, it’s what it demands it’s what we demand of ourselves.”

Is there a sense of pride in helping the club recover from where it was a few years ago?

“There is.

Obviously, I wish it was more to be honest, as probably everybody does. A great man once said you can’t pick and choose when you’re successful.

When you go back, you’ve got 55, the Scottish Cup last year and the European run, it’s all been a steady progress but now we need to be more dominant and we need to win more trophies regularly.”

How does it feel to be in the conversation as the club’s greatest No.1?

“It’s an honour to be part of that conversation.

I wouldn’t want anybody to fall out over it in the pub right enough but I’m sure they can look back and have a good conversation about goalies that loved playing for the club.

It’s not an argument and not who is the best, it’s just looking back and going Goram, Woods, Klos, everybody else that I’ve not mentioned, but just to have a good conversation and discussion amongst themselves in the pub.”

How special has this second spell been for you?

“I’ve enjoyed it, I love the club, I’ve always loved the club, I want the best for the club and this last spells’ been good.

Good for me personally probably because it’s got me in the position to get in the Hall of Fame so it’s been great.”

Are there any special moments that stand out?

“Ones that mean something probably.

There was one against Celtic years ago, I think it was from Hinkel, we won 1-0. I don’t think we won the league that year, it was just the European run but it was important. The Samaras one at Parkhead which kept it a 1-1 which helped us. It was a vital time of the season.

The penalty obviously here against Celtic, Bremen, Prague although at the end of the day it didn’t matter but it’s still in your collection I suppose. There’s loads of different memories for different reasons but ones that mean something and made you win things.”

How much are you looking forward to the weekend?

“It’ll be good!

Obviously, it’ll be difficult. It’s a cup game, anything can happen. These games a lot of the times it’s the team that wants it more so hopefully we can show that on the day and win the cup.”

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