Borna Barisic – We want to win this trophy for the club and fans

We spoke with Borna Barisic yesterday in the build up to Sunday’s cup final, here is every word he had to say

How are you looking ahead to the game?

It’s very important of course, a cup final. I don’t need to say much more. We want to win this trophy for our club and fans, it’s a very important one.

How is the confidence in the team?

To be fair, our recent form since Michael Beale comes into the club gives us confidence. We are in very good form and good shape.

What has Beale changed?

He changed system, has been here before and know how players want to play, in terms of positions and style. He’s raised the standard in training and that means in games, we can present what we train. A lot of things have changed in a good way. The results show everything. The way we train, think and talk has changed in a good way in terms of mentality.

Does the experience of the squad help?

Of course, it helps because there is a lot of experience in our squad now. It will help to have experience but it will be a tough game.

Is the 2019 final in the back of your mind?

Of course, I didn’t forget. it I remember how we played and lost that game. Of course, that’s one motivation but not the only one, there’s a lot more things. Of course we remember it.

Does the group’s time together help in a week like this?

Yeah, of course. When you’re together for so long you have good relationships and experience of big games. It will be a tough game but we are ready.

Did you celebrate your teammates being inducted into the Hall of Fame?

We didn’t, we are preparing for Sunday! I want to congratulate them for a big achievement. They deserve it absolutely. We didn’t have time to celebrate, unfortunately, were focused on Sunday.

How hard was it missing the Scottish Cup final through injury?

It was hard. I was injured and had to watch the boys, you cannot help. It was hard but I was very happy because we won. I don’t want to look to much at the past, but I remember the way we won the game, of course I want to be part of that.

Are you going into this game in perfect form?

Almost perfect if we’re looking at when Michael arrived. The way I’m looking at it personally, I’m not looking at who we play, just the opportunity to win a trophy for my team and these fans.

Is this a good chance to show you’ve closed the gap?

You can look at it that way. Maybe it can be a sign that we are on same level. I’m not thinking about that, I’m just looking at how we can be better every game and in training. That’s our mentality.

How do you prepare mentally for this game?

Not different. Of course this game is bigger than some others but we have a lot of experience. You need to be mentality prepared but nothing has changed from previous games.

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