Boardroom silence can’t continue and the message from the stands is ‘time for change’

More talking points from the weekend but they are largely from off the field, rather than on it, as the Rangers performance merely confirmed what we already know.

The protesters made their position clear again, in their eyes it’s ‘time for change’. On the pitch Rangers were similar to what we know under Beale, don’t start well & lose a poor goal then recover, aren’t ruthless enough at times. But positively continue getting really good results and in spells the football, individually and collectively is very good.

In fact, truthfully watching Rangers is once again becoming enjoyable even if not anywhere near perfect.

It was said to me yesterday and it sums it up perfectly actually, this team score when it needs too, when they don’t (like the last ten minutes) they don’t. That’s a problem Michael Beale would like to fix and perhaps an indication of the work the forward line requires in the summer months.

The first goal conceded is a standard attack we have seen trouble Rangers before many times, ball down line and across face of goal. It will be interesting to see if the recent discussions about trying three at the back would combat this.

The defending for both goals was suspect and it’s uncharacteristic, in the main, for this side in fairness. The problem we have is when we lose goals they tend to be from a catalogue of errors as you saw on Saturday.

Positively the team does bounce back well and to score four at Fir Park is welcomed, add that to the threes and four in Edinburgh, Livingston and Aberdeen it’s not a bad return. The quality of the goals is very good and it’s undoubted we are seeing some good form from the players. It’s patchy at times but it’s going in the right direction for me.

Beale is almost certainly doing good things with the team and he gets a reaction from them if things aren’t up to scratch.

His record on paper is very good but what Rangers are doing is beating the teams we should be beating but credit is deserved because that’s easier said than done. The big challenge is the three old firm games to the end of the season.

Beale and Wilsons work in securing Todd Cantwell and Nico Raskin has breathed new life into the team and it was Cantwell who has surprised many. Not by his qualities but perhaps his positioning and work rate, he has a bite which I really like and a swagger of confidence you need to make it at Rangers.

You seen on Saturday just how efficient he was on the ball, a half volley pass and a through ball to Colak the highlights of a very decent display, not to mention a very clever finish when he knew he had to lift it into the net and did so wonderfully. I really like him and the balance in midfield is much more promising.

Rangers need a summer like that, that youthful energy and desire, both have brought, needs replicated. Rangers also need to find a ‘killer’ or two, someone who will punish teams and get serious numbers. That’s easier said than done.

So the challenges remain, we need to tighten, we need to become ruthless and we need to strengthen several positions. But that’s everything we knew already.

The next steps are fixing those things come the summer and immediately tackling a fixture list which will now become more challenging and three games against Celtic which will go a massively long way to shaping the mood of the support.

But it’s easier now isn’t it, we are winning and despite our expectations the performances are showing signs of promise, it’s even ok to be positive about that. Beale’s doing a good job and the players deserve some credit. It’s about taking it up a few levels for the remainder of the season and delivering, at some points I really believe they can. They are certainly capable.

Off the pitch and the fans have had their say. This isn’t a one off now the push for change and messages are becoming louder.

The ‘Union Bears’ don’t speak for me is often something I read, I don’t think they are trying to but as a group of fans who go every week I will defend their right to voice their opinion. Credit to them also it was done absolutely the way it should be done, point made and the game starts and it’s completely behind the team.

You may or may not agree with the message, it is clear some decisions have been made in the minds of some of the support but it is a situation that was predicted months ago by so many.

With issues left unaddressed by this board and a silence that has angered the support, it was a matter of time before sections became disillusioned with the leadership of the club.

There is no doubt in my mind however that proper leadership and dialogue could have avoided this situation even if the mistakes made remained the same, guidance and some transparency would have helped it.

I made my position quite clear in the last blog and there is absolutely no need for that to be repeated but I remain very much aligned with that.

There is a feeling that this boardroom and more importantly the executive boardroom have treated the support with contempt over issues that remain unresolved.

For balance and I repeat what I said before, the financial position of the club, the commercial growth, the expansion of club assets are all to be proud of and this boardroom deserve praise.

I remain hugely thankful of the investors and I believe they are Rangers men doing their very best.

However the balance isn’t right.

A lot of faith has been lost and we have heard from our boardroom once in over a year when pushed last September. The mistakes made remain outstanding and unresolved. I also completely understand there is some things they can’t address but there is a lot they can.

Even just last week we face the shambles of the Old Firm with no support. Once again the support has not been consulted. It’s the little things that become big things.

The protests will only get louder and more visible.

I urge the boardroom to address the fans and show some leadership. It’s only my opinion but I believe a sit down and some reflection over what has happened would help draw a line under it and begin to build towards a support that is more in sync with our leadership. Regular dialogue and leadership is vital. It doesn’t fix everything and for some it is too late but listening and acting will begin to mend some of the broken dynamics.

Michael Beale is right, we are stronger together but that needs to come from the top also. Silence is no longer an option for many, sections of the fans have spoken.

Time for change.

How big that change is will be guided by actions now, but the current bypass will not be allowed to continue for anyone.

The fans will only get louder, it’s time to listen.

One thought on “Boardroom silence can’t continue and the message from the stands is ‘time for change’

  1. While I agree with the statement made, it is clear that the board neex to engage with the support that has lost faith in them(the board) Rangerz desperately need some success as the current situation cannot continue, however, beating them from across the city is not and cannot be the be all and end all of our season. There should not be any unnecessary pressure on Michael Beale as he has proved he can get results and improve the team. He hasn’t been in the job long enough to justify pressure being placed upon his shoulders for failings that have put the club in this position. Give him time and proper backing from the board and I’m certain he will provide us with the team and results we want. I go to bed at night a Rangers fan, I wake up everh morning still a Rangers fan and that will always be the case regardless of results. I hope that applies to every single Rangets fan. Support the team as always and the board will have to answer sooner or later.


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