Huge changes at Rangers upon us / New Edmiston House update

Time for change, the banners were clear and the majority had spoken. Even at Ibrox, where the crowd is known to be conservative in approach, loud applause rung throughout the stands when the message was unveiled. Things had gotten stale and new ideas, new drive, fresh outlooks were needed.

The fans had spoken, new direction requested.

In the last six months major board room changes have happened.

David Graham, communications director has left to return home. David, now general manager at Linfield, left for family reasons. Replaced by Nick Thomson and Alasdair Morrison, Nick controlling the press and footballing side whilst Alasdair works on the non footballing side. Having worked with both I can say with experience it is a fresh new approach, both very good operators. Both a huge fan of media access, strong communication and a fresh approach to things, like David before, huge Rangers fans.

Chairman Douglas Park stepping down and being replaced by John Bennett. John a very much more modern and hands on chairman, like Douglas a Rangers fan since birth, will oversee change in direction and leadership, more of that you will begin to see.

Director of football Ross Wilson also gone to pastures new in Nottingham. My feelings largely known but again change was necessary and with Michael Beale now driving the recruitment he will make the major decisions. The club will begin to discuss his replacement in the coming weeks, whether replaced with a Director of Football or a Sporting Director depends on what decision is made.

Now Managing Director Stewart Robertson leaves after eight years in control, replacing him commercial director James Bisgrove as CEO, chief executive officer which replaces the Managing Director title and position. Rangers will look to recruit a new Commercial director with internal and external applications to be considered in due course.

For any company, that is major structural changes and vitally for Rangers there is a new fresh approach to our future, something which I enthusiastically believe is the right step and overdue.

The replacement of both Douglas and Stewart being the most major to many I would think. Douglas Park should be remembered fondly, his financial input invaluable in Rangers progress both on and off the pitch since 2015. He wasn’t always correct in the eyes of the fans and he wasn’t a public speaker, but he served with his best purpose and I am thankful for that.

John Bennett is different completely, engaging and believes in being more modern communicator than Douglas, I think that is to be welcomed. He is also ready to speak to the support and share his visions, however in recent weeks he has had the resignation of Ross Wilson, Stewart Robertson and then Season ticket renewals, whilst this weekend we face a semi final which is the last throw of this seasons dice. We can expect a chairman’s address next week if things go well, if not the following weeks, and I expect that regular communication will continue with the support.

In coming weeks we can also expect a full update on the disabled stadium access discussed at the last AGM with work set to begin.

James Bisgrove is someone who I rate very highly. I welcome the appointment as CEO and here is why.

In my lifetime Rangers board members have at times made fanciful claims or made promises to the support that have never delivered. Then at times they haven’t been accountable when it hasn’t materialised. Those that have followed this blog will know when James has spoken on this platform he has delivered.

He promised £10m commercial income, he then promised we would triple it beyond £30m, he promised a new restaurant, a new Edmiston house, a new sports bar, all of which he has delivered or is on course to do.

I value that and I know from our dealings he is very goal orientated, very driven and determined to maximise potential which I like. Again, mistakes have been made in Australia but unlike others he took full accountability for that immediately fronting up to fans. Don’t forget his responsibility is to bring opportunities and money to the club, he done that to the tune of £3m for a weekends work.

It doesn’t excuse it and it was a mistake but context perhaps where others should have intervened and didn’t. Now I appreciate there may be another view or position on this but mine is positive and I think and hope James will be a huge success. I also think James realises that a decision like that would never happen again.

I have a feeling of confidence that we will see a new era of change in communication and that chasm between the fans and the board will begin to close. Change at the club will also continue in coming weeks, some recognisable faces will leave as James Bisgrove identifies positions that require some transformation.

Now that change is here, change that we asked for, I hope we will embrace it and allow it an opportunity.

New Edmiston House has been a work in progress since it opened with a few bits needing finished. That has led to questions from the support on when it’s finishing and when they can expect things to progress.

I have got that update from the club on the outside area, museum and outside screens. Here it is –

Museum Update –

The Club Museum is on track to open this summer. The specialist, behind closed doors fit-out is continuing apace and we’re hugely excited to open this aspect of Edmiston House. Initial access this summer will be for Edmiston House supporter package members.

The amphitheater outdoor area update? –

The amphitheatre, external landscaping, and outside seating is due to be completed in the next two weeks, with the bespoke benches having arrived in the UK, after being shipped from overseas.

LED screen?

The LED screen on the Edmiston Drive side of the building is in storage, whilst we finalise some engineering work that’s required before installation of the screen can be completed in the coming weeks.

So hopefully that update helps give us a guide for all things NEH.

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One thought on “Huge changes at Rangers upon us / New Edmiston House update

  1. Would like to see the space at the top of Copland and Broomloan which is currently covered by banners to be replaced by led boards which could use additional advertising and using to announce team to fans outside think would be good usage of an empty space the banners look cheap and dirty


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