Club interview – MyGers explained

Following the recent changes at Ibrox Stadium and James Bisgroves integration into the newly formed Chief Executive Officer position, the message has been that fan engagement is key to Rangers future strategy.

This is of course well received by all the fanbase but it has to be more than just ‘lip service’. James Bisgrove recent attendance at the last press conference was welcomed and well received as he addressed various questions.

The most relevant for the support undoubtedly his answers on safe standing and the Old Firm allocation. Various options within the stadium are being considered for both safe standing and the allocation.

Whilst concessions that a return to the ‘old allocation’ were not imminent, the club are exploring various options on a potential ‘European allocation’.

As for safe standing, it has the support of Bisgrove and the majority of the board. That’s huge for the support and with Bisgrove very much fan orientated it looks like finally this may happen.

I’ve been here before and in real danger of being let down. However, I thoroughly believe we are finally seeing a major change in how Rangers are operating and for the first time (in a long time) have a Chairman and CEO who recognise the need to be forward facing with the support.

With that we have already seen a great interview with our customer service manager David Milburn

So as part of the new outlook Rangers want to be more transparent with the supporters and recent changes to MyGers prompted a chance to speak to SLO Greg Marshall.

Greg was able to list some major changes to the membership and clear up some ‘Myths’ that surround MyGers as well as fan engagement update.

I hope the changes are informative and I welcome the dialogue with the club.

– Overview of fan engagement

– Strategy changes

– MyGers ticketing higher category allocation change

– Ticket application changes.

– Points deduction if you apply for away games and don’t go.

– European away game point change.

– Clearing up some MyGers myths

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