The Rangers Lotto – Play & support youth development at the club

We recently spoke with Colin Stewart, director at Rangers youth development about the importance of the Rangers lotto, the benefits it has for our club and exactly why signing up is so important.

Colin is Rangers through and through and works tirelessly to promote the youth department & help grow our academy.

When Rangers were in trouble and Dave King was taking over the previous board of ‘executives’ approached Colin and demanded he transfer over the lotto funds to them, believed to be in the region of £250,000. Colin stood firm and said no to those guys

‘Yes certain former executives tried to obtain Youth Development money but I refused to transfer it over. There was no threats of sacking because they couldn’t do that and that simply annoyed them even more. I believe it reached the very top & he wasn’t best pleased with me, I haven’t received a Christmas card since’

If you needed more reason to support Colin in his quest to revitalise the Rangers Lotto then look no further than above. That money would have been lost to Rangers but he stood firm.

So what is Rangers lotto & how do you play?

‘Each entry is £1 and gets access to 2 weekly draws and our monthly rollover draw. Our Saturday prize amount depends on how many players we have as the prize money is a straight 25% of the takings, so the more people playing then the higher the prize money. It is averaging £4,000 just now although it’ rising due to the increase in direct debit players. Our Wednesday prize is always £1,000. Our rollover starts at £1,000 and is drawn at the end of each month. If it’s not won then it rolls over to the next month. It will increase to a maximum of £25,000 when it must be won. We gave away £25,000 to a lucky fan last year. The prize is currently sitting at £7,500’

So how does it benefit the club & youth development?

‘We started a PR drive at the start of 2017 as our playing numbers were hit during our ‘lost years’. We launched our £20k in 2017 campaign which brought us an additional £5,800 per week via (mostly) new DDs. This was a fantastic achievement and we have now launched our £8k in 2018 campaign with the aim of increasing an additional £8k revenue per week. If we achieve this aim then it will allow our Academy to increase the work they do. All of our profits go to our Academy and we are starting to see the benefits of having home grown players. Ross McCrorie and Jamie Barjonas are fixtures in our current squad with Ross arguably one of the first names on the team sheet. We had Aidan Wilson and Myles Beerman break in to the team last season and our Academy Head Craig Mulholland has high hopes for another 4 or 5 players at the age group just below these youths. Our Youth Programme relies on funding from The Rangers Youth Development Co. with Rangers Lotto being the main revenue earner. The more fans signing up to play Rangers Lotto for only £1 per week means more funding to our Academy and will hopefully lead to more success for our Academy’

If we have a gate of 50,000 at every home game & they all played what would it mean to youth development?

‘Having 50,000 Rangers fans playing Rangers Lotto each week will provide £2.6m yearly revenue and after prizes and costs will provide close to £2m being allocated to fund our Academy. This is a game changing sum of money but is one that should be achievable given the support base we enjoy’

Rangers rely heavily on being able to produce young players, Ross McCrorie’s rise to the first team this year really has been remarkable & we all have a part to play.

Colin how long has the lottery been run & how much have we given to the youth department?

‘In the last 15 years we’ve given over £7.5m to our academy (I’ve personally written cheques for this amount)

In the same time frame we’ve given away over £10m (£10.5m & rising) in prize money to the fans. This is the theme of our campaign, i.e £10m in prizes & still only £1’

This underlines how important playing Rangers lotto is, all benefits go straight to the youth department & you could even win money at the same time. £1 a week is all is takes!

I play myself personally & our blog also plays additionally to support the youth department.

So how do you sign up?’!

Easy – a quick phone call to the youth department on 0141 427 4914 with your name, address & post code with bank sort code and account number. It literally takes 1 minute. Or you can email

For those of you on twitter, twitter user @Gregco5088 is a lotto agent with over 1100 people signed up. Greg takes no commission & is amongst the biggest agents for Rangers. A quick DM to him with all the information and he will sign you up immediately. It is all effortless!

Greg does it all for no commission and receives no benefits for his hard work, he gives up hours to help the club, another bear simply supporting the club he loves.

Please support the club, your influence really does make a massive difference all for £1 a week, you could even win thousands of pounds!