Consistency crucial for Rangers on and off the pitch

It’s been a while since my last blog. A much needed family holiday and international break brought a chance to reset. I never wanted this blog to be a negative one but an unfortunate chain of events had meant criticism was unavoidable.

That brings the normal accusations. Fan media isn’t hard enough. Fan media is too critical. Fan media don’t ask enough questions. I even had someone tell me I was never a Rangers fan as I questioned the manager last week. It’s difficult to remain balanced sometimes when that happens, you can be too harsh at times and not enough in others. Sometimes though it’s unavoidable.

The truth is as a club we can be doing a lot better in off the pitch areas. Only Rangers could have news regarding a fine for historic strip sale issues and release a fourth kit all in the same week. So things can always be better. I welcomed the recent communication from the board and executive board. It doesn’t matter if we like the message or what they are saying, as long as the communication remains regular for the support.

The issue for the club is when there is a sustained silence the vacuum is easily filled and that’s something that has to be recognised. It isn’t all doom and gloom though, there is lots of positivity going on with continued investment in the stadium and things like Edmiston house.

If the club addressed the ‘smaller’ complaints (no complaint is small but you get my point) and kept us more up to date with the positives then things wouldn’t be so ultra negative when results don’t go so well. The ticket office being reopened, money being spent on toilet facilities at Ibrox, a new social media point of contact for enquiries hopefully being implemented soon, are all little positives for all of us that have brought these issues to the club.

Communication can be more balanced and in fairness to Rangers, in discussions, they have recognised our feedback and promised to be aware of that. We will see what happens in the future but I’d like more regular updates from the club. Not just for the sake of speaking, there is a balance, but hopefully they have seen that the recent silence doesn’t work.

There is a long way to go before the disgruntlement amongst the support is calmed but small wins will help recover that trust. So things like facilities upgrades and ticket office reopening aren’t huge but the more they listen to the ‘little’ problems then the happier the general feeling will become.

On the park I have been hard on Van Bronckhorst and this group of players.

We have had four shockers this season (Union, Parkhead, Amsterdam and Liverpool) where this team has looked weak and almost accepted defeat before we have begun. The manner of those defeats, poor in tackle, unorganised, schoolboy mistakes and poor performance, is completely unacceptable and that’s brought my criticism. Defeats will happen, such levels can never be accepted however.

Domestically though, in truth, the start hasn’t been all bad. If Van Bronckhorst can bring a consistency before the World cup break then things will look a lot brighter. That means maximum points and convincing wins. In the remaining Champions League fixtures we must be competitive and make the teams work. We have an incredibly hard group but if they are going to win the games against us, at least go down fighting.

Liverpool come to Ibrox on Wednesday and they are absolutely fragile. They are an elite side with world class stars but a rocking Ibrox and a one off game, I sincerely hope we have a go. I don’t mean go gung ho and get tanked, I mean take the game to them and be aggressive. If we get beat then fine but don’t accept it before it has even begun, in those games I mention above we have disappointingly done that.

Two strong wins against Hearts and St Mirren have been impressive. The team have been ruthless in attack and the hugely impressive Antonio Čolak has helped take those chances. We have started those games better, got early and second goals then went on to create more opportunities.

Performance can still improve but the trajectory is going in the right way. Ben Davies looks a good signing and has brought a confidence to the backline. No surprise Connor Goldson has been steady and performed better since he got that stability. Allan McGregor has come back in swinging and showing brilliant form. Even on Saturday in such a convincing win he had time to pull off a few brilliant saves.

Then with the freshness and enthusiasm of Fashion Sakala you suddenly have that speed up front. The bench is looking stronger and with Kemar Roofe and Alex Lowry also back in full training and close to a return then it will get even more promising.

So whilst we won’t get carried away, at least there is reasons to be positive. I want Van Bronckhorst to succeed and he’s a likeable guy, questions will remain however until that sustained consistency comes. It starts Wednesday as we welcome Liverpool and a fighting performance has to be the minimum.

Then there is the domestic run which, if consistent, could set us up for the second half of the season. It’s up to Gio and the players but the welcome lifeline from St Mirren a few weeks ago means it’s game on once more with a renewed belief.

A consistent Rangers and a communicating club then all of a sudden things will look a lot brighter for everyone. It’s small steps to recover everyone’s trust on and off the park, but the base is there and there’s positivity no matter how small.

On to Wednesday, let’s give it a right go


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