Time for change

Defeat at St Johnstone today should be the final straw for a boardroom that has to be completely deaf not to listen to the fans. Giovanni Van Bronckhorst is a lovely guy, a very successful player, but a Rangers manager he is not.

His time is up and the fans have spoken, a week into November and the league title seems a million miles away. Europe you can make excuses for, try to point out the inadequacy etc blah blah but what it all comes down to is that he doesn’t have the mindset or quality to be the Rangers manager.

The acceptance of defeat and feeble soundbites of nights before should have rung alarm bells, but are long since haunting now. We are a year in and his performances are as feeble as his words, they lack style and a heart that we all believe in.

He has no style, his teams have no backbone and one year into his tenure I see nothing I can relate or point too as a positive. The style is predictable, side to side, aimless crosses. The patterns of play ridiculously repetitive and his teams literally crumble under any pressure.

He will carry the can but the squad can’t be missed. A collection of injury prone and heartless players who will give up the first sign of adversity. This squad needed ripped up last summer and even more so now. But some coaching and direction could help somewhat stop the drastic decline of now.

It’s not Van Bronckhorst’s fault he has been landed with this squad and yes signings may very well be the ‘collective’, but just like he’s told us with contracts, he doesn’t have the final say in those either.

He’s defended his signings, he’s defended the board, but he can’t defend his performances. That says it all.

And yes, here he goes again with the Ross Wilson points but when you shine a light on this squad, his recruitment and his transfer window ‘collective’ performance, it is pretty much indefensible.

Twenty six signings and a hand full of successful purchases is alarming at best. You won’t get balance from me because I don’t think he’s performing well in the slightest. The squad is bloated, unbalanced and the wage bill the highest it’s been for sometime with absolutely nothing to show for it.

The best players remain from the last director of football and his efforts in the role, that’s damning in itself.

Players running out of contract and running out of interest, Kent, Morelos and Kamara to name but a few. A squad that has cried out for proper investment in midfield, right wing, for literally years and has been ignored in a chase for project players that can be flipped for profit, regardless of what’s actually needed.

A club who is setting out an apparent buy low sell big strategy, tell me, who is the next big sale in this squad under this current leadership? Wilson is also the guy who appointed Van Bronckhorst.

Removing Van Bronckhorst without even looking at the wider picture at the club would be problematic to say the least.

But here’s where I will try not to be scattergun and let emotion talk, some things can’t be ignored however.

The chairman of Rangers is not something you can treat as a position only, Douglas Park must accept the responsibility and lead the club through this. He has my upmost respect because of his investment but you either be a chairman or you don’t, otherwise step aside and put someone else in who will.

This boardroom can’t turn a blind eye to this or the fans overall feelings towards the running of the club, whether Stewart Robertson, the manager or wider goings on at Rangers. People are unhappy.

This boardroom stopped at 55 and have watched us fall light years behind. That is truly unacceptable. The model isn’t working, fix it.

The level of distrust and anger between the club and the support is unhealthy and requires immediate attention, that’s a wider point and when the AGM drops in the first week of December some ‘hard questions’ may very well require answering.

I’ve taken some severe criticism for my views and ‘I’m not a Rangers fan’ to some but I’ll repeat what I have always said, Rangers is for winners and we must always demand the very best. I want us to succeed on every level and be our very best. What we are getting now is way short, I’ll be vocal and call for change because it has to happen for this club to return to where it belongs. I’ll take the criticism or the consequences because all that matters is Rangers being successful. Sentiment stops and ends at that.

I’m calling for this board to act, just as I have previously on this site, and do it now before any more damage is done.

The fans have lost faith, change is needed throughout the club and it starts boardroom down. You have all of our respect for everything you have done but change can’t be avoided and it must happen quickly.

If you can’t or won’t do that, then put people in charge that will.

Time for change.

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3 thoughts on “Time for change

  1. Totally agree on all above points. Straight to the point. The board only appoint people that they can control and say yes all the time. That’s again totally against all business sense/management no matter what industry. What we’ve got is a text book situation that we’ve done it so we don’t need to try/invest anymore. Unfortunately this is actually when you need to do above. The board have sat themselves on pedestals with the attitude of “if it wasn’t for us” you’d not be where you are. Again unfortunately “where are we now” extremely poor model/management.


  2. I fully agree with the author on all he says. We win title 55 and the board think yes, we’ve done it, we can relax now. Dont they ever learn, invest when at your strongest not sit on your laurels. Our rivals from across the city acted immediately things started to go a bit wrong and continued to keep it going. We in the meantime are back at square one, aging players, non tryers that want to be somewhere else, players plagued by injury even on arrival and a manager who is just a yes man to this nightmare of a board. Where has the money gone, not on players thats for sure. We have some brilliant young talent coming through and the board can’t wait to sell them. It is shameful.


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