Meeting Todd Cantwell, exclusive interview with Rangers new signing

When Todd Cantwell was first linked with Rangers it left me feeling quite intrigued. He has undoubted talent, more than capable of brilliance and only eighteen months ago he was being linked with huge moves for mega money.

He is an outstanding proposition. He ticks all the boxes undoubtedly for Michael Beale. Someone he can help reach his potential, someone who should have the hunger to succeed and he can help him do that.

Everyone knows on this blog I have a lot of faith in Michael Beale so I am willing to trust him with a lot of things, the quality of targets and players potentially coming in is already a level up from before. I’m more than confident he knows a player.

It’s well known that Michael Beale had a big influence and was key in identifying signings during Steven Gerrards reign. He identified Calvin Bassey in a closed door under 23 game at Ibrox and he helped coach him to much greater things.

We won’t sign finished articles, we will sign guys ready to reach their potential and just require it to be unlocked, players who are young and still have that hunger to succeed.

Todd Cantwell is that.

Now of course there is questions surrounding his ability and attitude. You only have to look at comments of the Norwich fans on his departure, past the nostalgia of a local boy, most aren’t exactly sad to see him leave.

That rings alarm bells but I am positive the type of squad we have here and the management groups influence would mean that any questions surrounding that would quickly be dispelled.

We had the chance to meet Todd Cantwell on Tuesday and get to know him a bit more. I was excited to see just what type of lad he was and did the fire really still burn for him to succeed here.

Rangers is different, the demands and expectations make this a really difficult place to succeed and you won’t get time or grace to settle in. So can he thrive?

Some of the biggest signings have taken time and had to win over the crowd to play here, Todd Cantwell will face that same challenge but he speaks well and I’m really looking forward to seeing how he progresses.

It’s a big challenge, does he have the desire? What does he say to all the negative comments from Norwich fans? What about questions surrounding his attitude?

You can hear everything right here in an exclusive interview with Todd Cantwell below


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One thought on “Meeting Todd Cantwell, exclusive interview with Rangers new signing

  1. Great questions Stevie, not your usual fluff, letting him know about the demands of the club and more importantly, the fans. Well done mate, good to see your career doing well and taking off.


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